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Baxter Black, DVM:    TO BE HONEST

Baxter Black, DVM:    TO BE HONEST

I was walkin’ through the show barn at the Stock Show. As I passed two fellers sittin’ ‘round a tack box, I heard the words, “Well, to be honest…”

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Causes, costs and effects of flies in beef cattle

Causes, costs and effects of flies in beef cattle

Stephen Blezinger

Progressive Cattleman

Cattlemen spend countless dollars and hours in efforts to maintain and improve the productivity of their cattle. Forages, feed and other inputs are delivered to the animal in an ongoing effort to improve productivity at a variety of levels.

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Here’s a Solution for the Weeds That Are About to Sprout

Here’s a Solution for the Weeds That Are About to Sprout

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

Back in the Spring of 2010, the Agriculture Research Service (ARS) in Miles City, Montana put out a press release announcing an online calculator that could tell producers how many more cattle they could raise if they were able to eliminate one or two widespread invasive plants.

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Minerals and OB chains

Minerals and OB chains

Dr. Dave Barz

Tri State Livestock News

Calving season is rapidly approaching. Many producers have started with their heifers and some purebred breeders are almost finished. The weather has been exceptional so far except for a few snow days. Hopefully the great weather will continue and we will have a good calving season. While we are busy calving, we should be planning for turnout and rebreeding our cows.

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How to speed up calving season

How to speed up calving season

Amy Kirk

Tri-State Neighbor

Until the first calf shows up, there’s a feeling of anxiousness and wanting to get calving under way. This can always be regretted later, but we often try to force things along. To expedite calving activity, which also means expediting chaos, is to become lax or do just the opposite of your normal routines.

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Cattle groups support a Sonny Perdue/Charles Herbster USDA team

Cattle groups support a Sonny Perdue/Charles Herbster USDA team

Today’s Producer

In a joint letter to President Trump, several local, state and national cattle trade associations urged the appointment of Sonny Perdue as the nation’s next agriculture secretary and Charles W. Herbster as his deputy secretary.

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Animal Welfare in the Beef Industry

Animal Welfare in the Beef Industry

Bernie Rollin


Domestication of animals began more than 12,000 years ago. Archaeological, anthropological and various other forms of evidence have helped show that domestication was a plausible and rational successor to an earlier period of hunting and gathering. Hunting and gathering was inherently unpredictable, dependent on the vagaries of weather, animal reproductive success, forage. This in turn created instability in communities, given the need for constantly following the food supply.

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