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BeefTalk: Grain Truck or Cattle Truck: Which One Should I Load?

BeefTalk: Grain Truck or Cattle Truck: Which One Should I Load?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The increase in beef cows requires utilization of cropland. Land use is embedded in long-term thinking and the individual desires of those involved in farming and ranching. Agricultural production systems incorporate land eco-types, along with associated capital purchases and investment in equipment. Once these systems are implemented, change is difficult to initiate.

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The Stocker Producer

The Stocker Producer

Dr. Andrew Griffith

University of Tennessee

There are good cattle producers and there are bad cattle producers. However, there is one producer in the business that has no room for being a bad producer and that is the stocker producer. There have been bad stocker producers, but bad stocker producers go out of business extremely quickly because the money disappears even quicker.

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Benchmarking Your Herd to Improve Profitability

Benchmarking Your Herd to Improve Profitability

Randy Saner

University of Nebraska

Benchmarking your herd can be an important tool to look at your cost and revenues compared to other beef producers. Producers can look at where their expenses are high compared to other similar cow/calf producers. Benchmarking can give you better feedback the more similar the operation.

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Figuring pasture rent as a share of the calf.

Figuring pasture rent as a share of the calf.

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

Countlessnumbers of cow-calf producers  have launched fledgling enterprises or  expanded existing operations by leasing cows.  Arguably the most common arrangement is  for cows to be leased on a share basis whereby  the cow owner and the producer leasing the  herd each receives a predetermined share of  proceeds received from the sale of calves born  to the cows.   

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Was It Theft or a Misunderstanding?

Was It Theft or a Misunderstanding?

Ellen H. Brisendine

The Cattleman

Two law enforcement professionals have a conversation about what is a criminal action and what is a civil case — and how to avoid both.  Hemphill says that for the purposes of this article, “We’re talking about theft or misappropriating somebody’s property, whether it be land, trailers or livestock. To prove those kinds of misappropriations, you have to prove that the person who misappropriated that property did so with the intent to deprive the other person of that property.”

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Practical biosecurity hints when bringing home purchased cattle

Practical biosecurity hints when bringing home purchased cattle

Dr Pat Kluver

Beef central

We employ biosecurity practices to reduce the risk of everyday threats from endemic diseases and, just as importantly, from rare but costly exotic disease incursions. By far the greatest threat of introducing disease is the purchase of cattle.

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Culling Considerations for Beef Females

Culling Considerations for Beef Females

Nick Simmons


One of the toughest decisions for producers to make is to when to pull the trigger to cull or sell off breeding animals from their herd. Often times these cows have been part of the production cycle on a farm for several years, and have made a significant contribution to the livestock operation. There are several things to consider as you decide which animals should be culled from your herd to make room for replacement heifers.

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Red Angus and Allflex announce new program partnership

Red Angus and Allflex announce new program partnership

The longest-running USDA Processed Verified Program – the Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program that was launched in 1994 – announced a new tag provider recently. A new partnership with Allflex, USA Inc., will officially begin March 1, 2017. FCCP and Allied Access program participants will begin receiving Allflex USA, Inc. tags upon program enrollment as the current inventory of tags is depleted.

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Dairy or beef – Check up on colostrum management for continued success

Dairy or beef – Check up on colostrum management for continued success

Andrea Johnson

Farm and Ranch Guide

No matter how many times you witness it, the instinctual behavior of a calf to stand, walk to the udder and suckle shortly after birth is a miracle to see. Wrapped into this mysterious process is the need for the calf to take in colostrum as soon as possible for good health.

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Genetic improvement is the foundation for beef cattle producers

Genetic improvement is the foundation for beef cattle producers

Steve Kay

Canadian Cattleman

Ask any winemaker how he or she produces a great drinking experience and all reply “It starts in the vineyard.” The same is true of the beef industry. A great beef eating experience starts on the ranch or farm. And just like constantly improving the quality of the grape, it should include upgrading the genetic quality of one’s herd.

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