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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 signs your cows have gotten too darn big

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 signs your cows have gotten too darn big


10.  The vet brings a step-ladder for preg-checking.       

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Milk EPDs: Do higher milking cows equal a higher profit?

Milk EPDs: Do higher milking cows equal a higher profit?

Marci Whitehurst

Progressive Cattleman

Is bigger always better? Maybe you’ve heard, "The larger the calf, the larger the profit." One factor producers consider is milk EPDs to secure a higher weaning weight. It may seem the more milk a cow produces, the bigger her calf, thus a larger profit. However, whether this is true depends on several factors.

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Cows Prefer Grazing Stockpile to Eating Hay

Cows Prefer Grazing Stockpile to Eating Hay

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

On a winter day, -3 degrees and so cold that he was having trouble videoing, Greg Judy found that the hay he’d kindly brought his cows to help them out wasn’t what they wanted at all. Instead of eating it they walked over it to the stockpile pasture in front of them. In this 3:46 minute video he shows you his cattle, snow on their backs, heading to work.

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Genetics to select for healthier cattle

Genetics to select for healthier cattle

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

“Genomics allow us to look ‘under the hood’ of an animal so to speak,” said Alison Van Eenennaam with University of California-Davis as she addressed Cattlemen’s College attendees Feb. 1 at the 2017 Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville, Tenn. Van Eenennaam provided an overview of the history in DNA sequencing that has brought the industry to where it is today, and commended breed associations for the incorporation of genomic information into their national cattle evaluation programs.

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Trump Issues Executive Order on WOTUS

Trump Issues Executive Order on WOTUS

Northern Ag

Today President Donald Trump issued an executive action ordering the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers to reconsider their controversial Waters of the United States Rule.

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Calving on ‘front end’ of season key for future years

Calving on ‘front end’ of season key for future years

Amy G. Hadachek

Today’s Producer

It’s important to have a high percentage of cows calving early in the calving season, Bob Larson, DVM, told more than 100 cattle producers and farmers who attended a customer appreciation dinner sponsored by Animal Health Center veterinarian Philip Bentz, DVM. Larson  is a professor at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in Manhattan, where he specializes in beef cattle production.

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New study of antibiotic use on farms

New study of antibiotic use on farms

Morning AG Clips

A team of interdisciplinary scientists at the Medical University of South Carolina and the Charleston VA Medical Center Research Service recently reviewed published literature for evidence of a relationship between antibiotic use in agricultural animals and drug-resistant foodborne Salmonella infections in humans, commonly known as salmonellosis.

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Cattle Market Predictions

Cattle Market Predictions

Shelby Mettlen

Angus Beef Bulletin

Beef cattle production was up 14%, but at a level that suggests the herd is still expanding, Kevin Good explained. Total cattle inventories in the United States have increased nearly 5 million head in three years, totaling 93.4 million head in 2017. The country’s beef cow inventory has grown to 2.2 million head in three years, and an additional 400,000 head are expected to be added to that inventory in the next two years.

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BioZyme® Inc. Expands Marketing Team

BioZyme® Inc. Expands Marketing Team

BioZyme Inc. has recently expanded its marketing efforts, including adding to the already existing talented staff that works to promote its brands on a daily basis. Four marketing experts have joined the staff to help promote BioZyme’s line of products. Jackie Lackey, Director of Strategic Marketing; Kristi Stevens, Marketing Project Manager; and Tell Stevens, Digital Marketing Manager, are based out of an office in Haskell, Texas. Jamie Beatty, Senior Graphic Designer, works from her home in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

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Bull management is a key to successful breeding seasons

Bull management is a key to successful breeding seasons

Adam Russell

AgriLife Today

Dr. Jason Banta, AgriLife Extension beef cattle specialist, Overton, said it’s important to make sure bulls are ready and in good condition heading into breeding season. A body condition score of 5-6 is recommended before breeding season starts, he said. “If they are too fat or too thin it can impact fertility,” he said.

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