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Dewormer Dilemma

Dewormer Dilemma

Feedlot Magazine

The benefits of deworming your cattle are well known: increased weight gains and breeding efficiency, reduced pasture contamination, improved immune status and more.  But it’s not as easy to know which deworming product to use.

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Baxter Black, DVM: GIMP

Baxter Black, DVM:  GIMP

I was out in the driveway scattering stove ash when I heard the geese. It was three days until the end of the season and I was still zero for 6.

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Producers Can Maximize Pregnancy Rates Using A.I.

Producers Can Maximize Pregnancy Rates Using A.I.

Cattle Today

Artificial insemination (AI) offers cattle producers the opportunity to use semen from high-accuracy, genetically superior sires at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a herd bull with similar genetics. "In addition, using estrus synchronization and AI can increase the number of calves born earlier in the calving season and increase weaning weights of calves," North Dakota State University Extension Service beef cattle specialist Carl Dahlen says.

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Online Beef University: Beef up on beef

Online Beef University: Beef up on beef

B. Lynn Gordon


Leaders are learners, always striving to learn more and not settling for the status quo. An excellent learning opportunity is now available for beef producers to learn more about the product they produce, or brush up on some of the production facts, beef labeling issues, beef inspection and grading along with the latest knowledge available to the beef industry.

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Lower Cattle Prices Call for Management Tweaks

Lower Cattle Prices Call for Management Tweaks

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

The problem is identifying where money needs to be allocated and not allocated. This is a wonderful time to really work on your recordkeeping and accounting. I know this is my biggest failure and a common challenge for many producers.

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Trump to order reversal of Obama water regulation rule

Trump to order reversal of Obama water regulation rule

The Nation

U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to sign a measure as early as Tuesday aimed at rescinding a major Obama administration water regulation and direct an end to the government’s defense of the rule, a Trump official briefed on the plan said late Friday.

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Are You Smart Enough to Farm Today?

Are You Smart Enough to Farm Today?

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

This is the time of year when agricultural literacy gets a lot of attention. This past week was Ag Literacy Week, an initiative sponsored by Farm Bureau’s Ag in the Classroom project, which focuses on educating grade school students on the importance of agriculture.

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Genomics are great. But how do you get paid for superior genetics?

Genomics are great. But how do you get paid for superior genetics?

Burt Rutherford

Beef Magazine

I got a call earlier this week from a frustrated cow-calf producer. Seems he bought set of very well-bred Angus heifers for $1,600 a pop with the idea of breeding and selling them as bred heifers. He AI’d the group to a well-known Angus bull and then advertised them several places.

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Tight profits on beef cow herds bring focus to toxic fescue losses

Tight profits on beef cow herds bring focus to toxic fescue losses

Buffalo Reflex

Convincing cow herd owners to eradicate their old fescue and plant new novel-endophyte fescue is difficult in the best of times. Now, the case will be remade by the Alliance for Grassland Renewal.

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Improving stocker gain

Improving stocker gain

Dr. Jeff Sarchet

Morning AG Clips

Growing up on a feedyard of 5,000 head in the Oklahoma Panhandle, I observed firsthand the benefits of well-managed cattle coming in from the stocker level. I work with a number of stocker operations across the country, and no matter the region, they share the same priority at this level of beef production — improving gain.

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Now’s the time to assess your breeding goals

Now’s the time to assess your breeding goals

Melissa Beck

Progressive Cattleman

“There’s an app for that.” There’s an app for just about everything these days. There’s even a compass app for smartphones. Hopefully, if you’re ever that lost, you’ll have enough bars for the thing to work.

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