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Post Election Thoughts for Agriculture – 3 of 5 (Immigrant Labor)

Post Election Thoughts for Agriculture – 3 of 5 (Immigrant Labor)

Damian Mason

In Agriculture we’re talking about low skill labor primarily from south of the border.  The tech companies have their own immigrant needs — usually well educated techies from Asia — who can more easily qualify for work visas.  But we in AG need milkers, produce pickers, and meat processors.

Accept the AI Challenge

Accept the AI Challenge

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Tennessee’s training course on artificial insemination (AI) turned into a family project for the Blacks of Color Wheel Farm, in Vonore, Tennessee. Brad, Kim and son Adam went through the two-day program in 2014, and have since turned what they learned into a foundation for positive change in their commercial beef herd.

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Coldest job on the farm

Coldest job on the farm

Progressive Forage

Lynn Jaynes

I don’t care who you are, standing at farm auctions has to rate in the top ten in a list of coldest jobs, especially when they’re auctioning all the household junk off first.

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More Farmers Are Winter Grazing

More Farmers Are Winter Grazing

Caroline Abels

On Pasture

After an early season snowstorm in November 2014, Troy Bishopp had an epiphany that changed the way he approaches tending cattle. The longtime grass farmer and grazing advocate, who had recently launched a winter grazing experiment on his 100 acres in central New York, watched as the 60 dairy heifers he was contract grazing burrowed their faces into the nearly five inches of snow and tunneled down to chomp on the tall grasses sleeping below.

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Calves Lost to Black Vultures a Shared Concern for Producers Meeting at Cattle Industry Convention

Calves Lost to Black Vultures a Shared Concern for Producers Meeting at Cattle Industry Convention

Oklahoma Farm Report

Producers from across the country are gathering in Nashville this week, attending the Cattle Industry and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Convention. Several issues concerning the industry will be discussed during the event, but members from Oklahoma and surrounding states have one particular issue top of mind – Black Vultures, and their impact on our cattle herds.

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K-State’s 104th Annual Cattlemen’s Day Set for March 3rd

K-State’s 104th Annual Cattlemen’s Day Set for March 3rd

The Stock Exchange

Kansas State University’s Animal Sciences and Industry Department will host Cattlemen’s Day 2017 on Friday, March 3 at Weber Hall in Manhattan. New K-State President Richard Myers will kick off the event sharing his vision for the university.

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Berry beef a mainstay of student enterprises

Berry beef a mainstay of student enterprises

Northwest Georgia News

Berry College has a long and rich history of self-sufficiency, particularly as it relates to agriculture. “That’s sort of been the wheelhouse for Berry. Our animal science program and agriculture operations programs are still very strong here,” said Dean of Student Work Rufus Massey. “Animal science is still the largest major at Berry.”

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Texas Youth Cattle Conference dates set for June and July

Texas Youth Cattle Conference dates set for June and July

High Plains Journal

The Texas Beef Council is proud to announce the second annual Texas Youth Cattle Conference dates have been set for June 12 to 15 and July 5 to 8. The June conference will take place in Central and South Texas regions and the July conference will be located in the Panhandle. Students can apply to attend the session of their choice. The conference is designed for youth who have a desire to expand their knowledge about the Texas beef industry.

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Beef market demands quality.

Beef market demands quality.

Miranda Reiman,

Angus Beef Bulletin

The beef market tells you what it wants. You just have to pay attention. “We know there are signals out there in the marketplace for quality. As you move further away from the end product, we know those signals are … not quite as distinct,” said Mark McCully, Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) vice president of supply development, at the 2016 Angus Convention in Indianapolis, Ind., in November.

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