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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 things the kid you hired does his first week on the job

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 things the kid you hired does his first week on the job


10.  Asks how old you are and then says, “Wow.”

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Buying a bull: The consumer’s homework

Buying a bull: The consumer’s homework

Stephanie Lastovica

Progressive Cattleman

Purchasing a bull can be one of the most important investments made in a cattle operation, and finding the right breed, breeder and bull sale can make all the difference in the success of a program.

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Learn when to stop doing things

Learn when to stop doing things

Steve Kenyon

Canadian Catlemen

We are trained on the farm as kids that the way to make more money is to work harder and do more. This is not always true.

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Mars investigating cattle Skittles

Mars investigating cattle Skittles

Agri View

A mysterious Skittles spill on a rural highway in Wisconsin is taking another twist, with Mars Inc. saying it doesn’t know why the discarded candy might have been headed to become cattle feed. The case began when a Wisconsin sheriff posted on Facebook this past week that “hundreds of thousands of Skittles” had been found spilled on a highway. Later he updated the post to say the candy had fallen off a truck on its way to be cattle feed.

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Cattle Industry Convention Brings Education, Entertainment and Business to Nashville

Cattle Industry Convention Brings Education, Entertainment and Business to Nashville

American Cattleman

The 2017 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show in Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 1-3, is quickly approaching, and the lineup of events and number of trade show exhibitors keeps getting more and more exciting. From Dr. Beck Weathers’s tale of surviving the icy landscape of the 1996 Mount Everest tragedy to highly informative Cattlemen’s College sessions featuring leaders in the beef industry, there are many opportunities to make this year’s convention one for the books as the annual meetings of NCBA, Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion & Research Board, American National CattleWomen, CattleFax and the National Cattlemen’s Foundation take place.

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K-State offers youth animal science learning opportunity

K-State offers youth animal science learning opportunity

Kansas State University

Students from across the country with an interest in the livestock industry and related careers can apply now for the Kansas State University Animal Sciences Leadership Academy. The academy is an intensive four-day educational experience designed to enhance the leadership skills and animal science knowledge of students in ninth through 12th grades.

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Bedding During Winter Months Pays Off

Bedding During Winter Months Pays Off

Warren Rusche

Angus Beef Bulletin

“To bed or not to bed?” With apologies to William Shakespeare, that is the question on many feedlot managers’ minds as we head into the winter months. Will providing bedding result in enough extra performance to outweigh the additional expenses in both material and labor? The answer is often yes.

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Ohio beef producer says technology access improves farm management

Ohio beef producer says technology access improves farm management

Andrew Flinn

Brownfield AG Netwrok

An Ohio beef producer says increased access to tools and information helps today’s farmers and ranchers make better management decisions. Tom Turner raises shorthorn cattle in southeast Ohio. He says ease of access is key for producers with today’s tight margins.

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Breeding for hill-climbing cattle

Breeding for hill-climbing cattle

Sydney Sleep

Hay and Forage

Most cattle tend to graze in valleys and congregate by creeks, leading to overgrazing in riparian areas and letting quality forage on hillsides go to waste. However, some cattle are different, preferring to climb hills and mountains while grazing along the way. If more cattle grazed hills, rangelands would be more productive and sustainable.

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Iowa Beef Center Offers Newly Revised BRaNDS Software

Iowa Beef Center Offers Newly Revised BRaNDS Software

Iowa Beef Center

Beef producers who are interested in software to help with balancing rations will want to check out the Iowa Beef Center’s newly updated Beef Ration and Nutrition Decision Software (BRaNDS) ration balancing software. Association scientist Garland Dahlke recently completed this update and said the new version is more user friendly and now reflects the updated guidelines in the recently released "Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle."

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