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Baxter Black, DVM:    HIGH WIRE ACT

Baxter Black, DVM:    HIGH WIRE ACT

One slow summer afternoon I was down at the calving shed near the river. For two months each spring it was like salmon spawning at rush hour! Hundreds of heifers, covies of calves, never ending nights, dozens of days, aches, dings, scratches, sutures, sleeves, scours, shots, dry eyes, chapped hands and sticky stuff in the hair on your arms. But that was last spring.

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Embryo Transfer is a Fresh Start for This Operation

Embryo Transfer is a Fresh Start for This Operation

Loretta Sorensen

Progressive Farmer

The ET goal, simply put, was to produce as many high-quality females as possible by synchronizing recipient cows and maximizing conception rates. An artificial insemination (AI) program was centered on carefully selected and varying sire lines to compensate for any trait flaws in the herd. Donor cows were chosen from among those herd females producing the highest-quality calves.

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Save Calves from Scours

Save Calves from Scours

Eric Mousel

On Pasture

A couple of years ago the Minnesota Extension Beef Team conducted a study to identify the primary inefficiencies in cow calf operations around the state. We looked at data from about 1,500 cow calf operations from all over the state over a nine-year period (2005-2013) and compared pregnancy, calving, and weaning percentages from these operations.

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Farm Groups Bristle as Trump Kills TPP Negotiations

Farm Groups Bristle as Trump Kills TPP Negotiations

Ben Potter


By some estimates, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would have provided an annual $4.4 billion boost to U.S. agriculture. President Donald Trump says he can do better, signing an executive order Monday morning to leave trade deal negotiations. The news agitated several farm groups, who responded with a series of statements. Among them, the American Soybean Association expresses “significant concern” following the announcement.

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Prior, proper, planning precedes profitable purchases

Prior, proper, planning precedes profitable purchases

Bob Weaber

Southern Livestock

As the bull-buying season gets underway, commercial cattlemen should do their home work to help ensure the bull(s) they purchase this year meet their needs. Like most things in life, preparedness is the key to making an informed decision. In this case, an informed purchase. Remember, bull selection accounts for more than 75% of the gene flow in your herd.

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Key to beef cattle profitability: Dare to be different

Key to beef cattle profitability: Dare to be different

Stan Smith

Ohio Farmer

Regardless of what aspect of agriculture — or life — we might be involved in, occasionally we all slip into the “same old, same old” trap. That is, doing it the way we’ve always done it simply because we always have. As the extraordinary cattle prices we enjoyed in recent years have settled back to levels that many might now call normal, perhaps it’s time to take another look at ways to enhance profitability in the cow-calf sector.

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Prepare Before You Pull (That Difficult Birth)

Prepare Before You Pull (That Difficult Birth)

AG News Feed

Before applying the obstetrical chains to “pull” a calf during a difficult birth, a proper analysis of the situation must be made.  Wash the vulva, anus and the area in between using soap and warm water.  Pulling on a calf should only be done when the presentation and posture of the calf are normal. 

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Donnelly has Questions for Perdue

Donnelly has Questions for Perdue

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

It is expected that President Trump’s pick to head the USDA will be confirmed by the Senate Ag Committee, but Indiana’s representative on that committee has some serious questions for Sonny Perdue. Senator Joe Donnelly spoke to the IASWCD convention on Monday before heading back to Washington to begin casting confirmation votes for cabinet officials including Sonny Perdue.

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Ranchers show how cattle grazing and wildlife can co-exist

Ranchers show how cattle grazing and wildlife can co-exist

John Holland

The Modesto Bee

Vibrant green grass awaited visitors to a cattle ranch northeast of Stockton last week. That and a couple of salmon that had spawned and died and started to decay along a creek. Both were good signs for Sparrowk Livestock, which has enhanced wildlife habitat along with producing beef. A tour of its home ranch near Camanche Reservoir was part of the 12th annual summit of the California Rangeland Conservation Coalition.

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Family cattle farm returns to natural approach

Family cattle farm returns to natural approach

Scott Bigelow

The Robesonian

Eddie Moore calls to his herd of Angus cows. “Who loves you?” he hollers. In unison, they bellow in reply. Eddie Moore knows each of his cows. The cows and their calves each have a tag in one ear with a number that ends up on packages of Moore Brothers beef.

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