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Protein sources prove beneficial when grazing low-quality forages

Protein sources prove beneficial when grazing low-quality forages

Kindra Gordon

Hereford World

Protein tends to be a buzzword in human diets, particularly among those who are limiting carbs and wanting a nutritional boost. But protein sources should also be top-of-mind among producers as a supplement to their cattle when animals are grazing low-quality forages — such as dormant grass or crop aftermath.

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Caring for Animals When the Power Goes Out

Caring for Animals When the Power Goes Out

Russ Daly, DVM


The power outages experienced in areas of South Dakota might make animal caretakers wonder, “How did we ever raise livestock in the days before electricity?” Electric lights, hot water heaters, and mechanical ventilation are all items that are taken for granted, except when weather events interrupt their supply of “juice.”

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Balanced, maternal or just mediocre?

Balanced, maternal or just mediocre?

Troy Marshall

Beef Magazine

To maintain full disclosure, I’m a seedstock producer. So when talking about the seedstock industry, it is important to know that I’m pretty biased and extremely opinionated. It is also worth knowing that if I were to use two words to describe our breeding program they would be balanced and maternally-oriented.

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Reader’s Choices: 10 Greatest Beef Innovations

Reader’s Choices: 10 Greatest Beef Innovations

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

In the June 2011 issue of Beef Producer our readers chose the ten greatest innovations in the history of the beef industry. Because some of these stories had to be cut quite a bit to fit the magazine we’ve chosen to offer them in full length version here on the Web site so you can get all the details and clikk links to other sources.

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Treatment Protocols for Sick Cattle

Treatment Protocols for Sick Cattle

Austin Black

Angus Beef Bulletin

K-State’s Mike Apley discusses establishment of protocols to help cattlemen in treating sick cattle. Improving animal welfare is a goal within the beef industry. This goal requires training to ensure all parties follow specific guidelines and standards. “We can’t rely on people following instructions without them being written down,” said Mike Apley, Kansas State University (K-State) professor of production medicine. Veterinarians rely more and more on written instructions for prevention and treatment procedures. As such, it’s important that operations develop protocols for treating sick cattle.

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Cattle Leader, Andrew Harvey Lemmon of Woodbury, Georgia | 1946 – 2017 |

Cattle Leader, Andrew Harvey Lemmon of Woodbury, Georgia | 1946 – 2017 |

Andrew Harvey Lemmon, 70, of Woodbury, Georgia passed away Sunday, January 8, 2017 at his home. Mr. Lemmon began his career at Millarden Farms as a Cattle Manager until he established his own cattle farm in 1971, Lemmon Cattle Enterprises, in Woodbury, Georgia. He was the owner and operator of Lemmon Cattle Enterprises for 46 years until his death and was known for producing top quality cattle that have been sold all over the United States.

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Protect herd from disease after buying replacements

Protect herd from disease after buying replacements

Dr. Eric Knock

The Tri-state Neighbor

Many cow-calf producers who don’t raise their own replacement females probably will be purchasing bred heifers or cows in the next few months, if they haven’t already done so.

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Not too soon to think about calving season

Not too soon to think about calving season

Glasgow Daily Times

Calving season will be here before we know it. Providing sound management during that time can mean more live calves, which translates to more profit for you. Dr. Les Anderson, UK extension beef specialist offers these points to consider. It is important to have a short calving period to allow frequent observation and assistance if needed.

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Feed Value Calculator

Feed Value Calculator

Adele Harty


Feed costs exceed 50% of the annual beef cattle production costs and with the current market situation, the pressure to determine the most cost-effective feedstuffs has become even more important. SDSU Extension has developed a feed value calculator to compare protein and energy supplement options.

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