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BeefTalk: Scoring Cows Helps Cattle Management

BeefTalk: Scoring Cows Helps Cattle Management

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The concept of scoring various traits for cattle is common. Recently, I had the opportunity to udder score a set of 82 first-calf heifers after they weaned their calves. The process was not very difficult.

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Nutritional Management of Spring-Calving Cows Should be a Priority this Winter

Nutritional Management of Spring-Calving Cows Should be a Priority this Winter

Dr. Jason Smith

University of Tennessee

With the recent drought conditions across much of the Southeast, hay and other forage resources will likely be in short supply this winter.  With the added frustration of current feeder cattle prices, many of us may consider cutting corners on our winter feeding program

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Cows in last trimester in cold need extra energy, protein

Cows in last trimester in cold need extra energy, protein


Farm & Ranch Guide

The weather for most of Montana and North Dakota over the past two weeks has been bitter cold, heavy snow, and plenty of wind. Cow/calf producers have been busy making sure cows have extra feed and bedding, that water supplies are running, and that there are windbreaks, hills, draws and other areas for cattle to get away from windy conditions.

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Could we breed a more ramblin’ cow?

Could we breed a more ramblin’ cow?

Beef Producer

A group of western researchers say they are very near developing a test for cattle which are more genetically predisposed to climb hills and cover more difficult terrain while grazing.

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7 things to know about Sonny Perdue

7 things to know about Sonny Perdue

Wallace’s Farmer

According to his transition team, President-elect Donald Trump will nominate former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue as the next Secretary of Agriculture, filling his last cabinet post. If confirmed by the Senate, Perdue will be the first person from Georgia to ever serve as Agriculture Secretary.

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Choctaw County Land and Cattle Focuses on Practical Genetics

Choctaw County Land and Cattle Focuses on Practical Genetics

Steve Weisman

American Cattleman

Choctaw County Land and Cattle (CCLC), a 2,000-acre ranch located near Boswell, OK, is becoming known for its combination of storied history and tradition blended with youth, energy, innovation and technology to produce highly acclaimed registered Angus and SimAngus seed stock.

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Spotlight on the hidden challenge of mycotoxins

Spotlight on the hidden challenge of mycotoxins

Paige Gott

Progressive Cattleman

Mycotoxin contamination is usually not the first thought of most producers. However, mycotoxins may be an underlying contributor to poor performance. Crops are subject to mycotoxin contamination both during growth in the field as well as in storage.

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Cattlemen look to Trump for help with Big Beef

Cattlemen look to Trump for help with Big Beef

Tay Wiles

The Journal

In 2008, when Barack Obama was first campaigning for the presidency, his platform for rural Americans in agriculture was pointed: “In an era of market consolidation, Barack Obama and Joe Biden will fight to ensure family and independent farmers have fair access to markets … (and) strengthen anti-monopoly laws.”

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Grass-Fed Beef, Sold One Cow at a Time

Grass-Fed Beef, Sold One Cow at a Time

Nick Wingfield

New York Times

On a blustery afternoon in December, Scott Meyers mingled in a pasture with a herd of black cattle, sweet-talking them as if they were family dogs with a weakness for flattery. He scratched their backs, hugged them and rattled off their names: Chocolate, Fudge, Honey. From these pampered creatures, Mr. Meyers produces grass-fed Wagyu beef, celebrated for a buttery flavor that comes from the Japanese breed’s intense fat marbling.

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Indiana cattlemen set convention

Indiana cattlemen set convention


The Indiana Beef Cattle Association once again will showcase the Indiana beef industry at its 2017 IBCA Annual Business Meeting and Convention. This event not only offers producer programs, it also allows stakeholders and allied industry partners to reach out to the state’s top cattle producers who will be assembled in one place at the same time.

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