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Putting the Preg Check Results to Work

Putting the Preg Check Results to Work

Taylor Grussing


Pregnancy check day is one of the most important days on the ranch as it is the day when we find out what cows are pregnant and how many calves we can expect come calving season. So now that the veterinarian has left the yard and the open cows are sorted off, what’s next? Before throwing the preg check list on the dashboard never to be looked at again, try to reflect on the results. Take some time to sort through them to uncover valuable information such as breeding season management and what to expect for the upcoming calving season.

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Is it time to convert to novel-endophyte fescue?

Is it time to convert to novel-endophyte fescue?

Progressive Cattleman

When beef herd profit margins shrink, the losses from grazing toxic tall fescue gain attention. Convincing cow herd owners to eradicate their old fescue and plant new novel-endophyte fescue is difficult in the best of times. Now, the case will be remade by the Alliance for Grassland Renewal.

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Trump nominates Georgia ex-Gov. Sonny Perdue for Agriculture secretary

Trump nominates Georgia ex-Gov. Sonny Perdue for Agriculture secretary

David Jackson and Steph Solis

USA Today

President-elect Donald Trump plans to nominate ex-Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue for the secretary of Agriculture post on Thursday, said two people close to the confirmation confirmed Perdue’s nomination, speaking on condition of anonymity because it has not been made officially.

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Preventing disease via nutrition

Preventing disease via nutrition

Beef Producer

With the Veterinary Feed Directive fully implemented this year, maximizing immune function via nutrition, especially trace mineral nutrition, is going to become increasingly important in beef production.

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Should Congress abolish the estate tax?

Should Congress abolish the estate tax?

Rod Swoboda

Wallace’s Farmer

A tax plan being considered in the U.S. House of Representatives seeks to do away with the federal estate tax levied on transfers of wealth when a person dies. Supporters of abolishing the tax, mostly Republicans, say it forces the children of recently deceased farmers to sell the family’s land to pay the tax.

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Free Fertilizer? Hay Feeding!

Free Fertilizer? Hay Feeding!

Dr. Jeff Lehmkuhler,

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Pasture fields seem to be overlooked with regards to applying management. Many folks will soil test hay fields and apply some level of fertility, though it may be less than the soil test recommends. This seems to be more evident when profit margins are tight. Corn experts have recommended fertility rates in relation to economic returns rather than maximal yields. In other words, the rate of fertilizer added is based on both soil test recommendations and expected improvement in yield.

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Minimizing Drama: Kick Diva Cows Out

Minimizing Drama: Kick Diva Cows Out

Ashley Garrelts

Writing on the Range

You are not getting any younger.  Your priorities are changing.  Are you asking yourself, “Why am I killing myself for these cattle?  I bet I could continue to make a profit and have an easier time of it, if I just made a few changes.” Change is hard.  I recognize that.  However with a few easy steps a low maintenance cow herd could be in your future!  Let us look as some of the qualities that make up such a herd.

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