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There’s a strange group of people who speak in sacred tongues.

They gather in convention halls and really test their lungs.

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Overseeding alfalfa into alfalfa: When it works and when it doesn’t

Overseeding alfalfa into alfalfa: When it works and when it doesn’t

Rachael Long and Daniel H. Putnam

Progressive Forage

Just as thinning hair is a hazard for humans, a thin alfalfa stand is a common hazard of getting old. But thin alfalfa stands can occur in young stands as well. So what is the wisdom of overseeding alfalfa into alfalfa to improve the stand life and to correct stand deficiencies?

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Marketing crucial for producers

Marketing crucial for producers

Paul Dykstra


Health is absolutely essential. Having in place a veterinarian-designed program is key for any set of cattle to sell, but value starts with genetics. The American Angus Association’s selection tools are based on expected progeny differences backed by genomic and field data. Understanding those paves the way to effective use. Then it takes the right nutrition.

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Frozen water troughs? Here are some tips

Frozen water troughs? Here are some tips

Tri State Neighbor

As the cold temperatures continue, cattle producers are reminded that as their animals eat more feed, they also need more water. Making drinking water available to livestock during freezing temperatures can become a challenge if trough water heaters do not function properly or if there is a power outage.

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To the Young Women Wanting a Career In the Beef Industry…

To the Young Women Wanting a Career In the Beef Industry…

Anne Burkholder

Feedyard Foodie

I am often asked about my journey as a woman in the beef industry. For all of the young women who have asked me for advice on the topic –This one’s for you…

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Five Myths About the Veterinary Feed Directive

Five Myths About the Veterinary Feed Directive

Hoosier Ag Today

The new requirements for the Veterinary Feed Directive were officially in effect as of January 1, but not without misconceptions. Producers must obtain authorization or a prescription to purchase medically important antibiotics for use in animal feed and drinking water. Medically important antibiotics are those used in treating human diseases as well. Chris Richards, Oklahoma State University Extension, is a beef cattle specialist that debunked a few of the common myths.

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Raising beef is a numbers game: Supply and demand dictate prices

Raising beef is a numbers game: Supply and demand dictate prices

Chad Smith

Midwest Messenger

Poky Feeders of Scott City, Kan., has been in the cattle business since the dark days of the 1980s farm crisis and it still exists today. The feedlot was started in 1982, with current General Manager Joe Morgan coming on staff in 1985 and has been there ever since.

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Growing Up A Farmkid

Growing Up A Farmkid

The Odyessy

Growing up on a farm is one of the best ways a kid can be brought up. From learning a variety of valuable skills such as responsibility, kindness, determination, and hard work, to discovering new and more adventurous sources of entertainment with playing on hay bales, riding horses, and playing out with the calves.

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Utah ranchers forming LLC in innovative grazing plan

Utah ranchers forming LLC in innovative grazing plan

Carol Ryan Dumas

Capital Press

More than a decade ago ranchers in northern Utah saw the writing on the wall — the way they had operated on public land for years wasn’t going to be acceptable to some people, and their grazing permits would be appealed by anti-agriculture groups. That’s just what happened in 2001.

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