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The best coccidiosis prevention is a clean calving area.

The best coccidiosis prevention is a clean calving area.

Heather Smith Thomas

Hereford World

Most ranchers have seen it, and many have treated calves for it.  A typical sign of coccidiosis is watery brown diarrhea with a little blood in it — and the calves may be unthrifty for a while. A common sign is the calf straining repeatedly after passing loose feces, due to the severe irritation  to the lining of the large intestine.

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Producers have many tools to make best genetic selections

Producers have many tools to make best genetic selections

Benjamin Herrold

Iowa Farmer Today

When choosing the best genetic match for their cows, producers have a vast range of traits they can select for. The traits they choose depend on the operation, says Jim Reecy, professor of animal science at Iowa State University. “It’s going to depend on the operation’s breeding goal,” he says.

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Ohio Beef School explores phases of production

Ohio Beef School explores phases of production

Farm and Dairy

The 2017 Ohio Beef School webinar series begins Jan. 17 with a close look at the profitability of the cow/calf sector in the future. The second session, Feb. 7, looks at feeder cattle management and the final session, Feb. 28, takes a look at consumer demands.

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January beef cattle/ forage tips

January beef cattle/ forage tips

Mark Keaton

The Baxter Bulletin

Calving season will begin soon. Being prepared for calving is very important: OB gloves, OB lubricant, esophageal feeder, bottle and nipple, chain straps/chains, calf puller, sterile syringes and needles, batteries for flashlight or spotlight, old rags or blankets, toolbox to keep calving equipment, colostrum replacement, electrolytes, etc. Make sure all items are in good working order, haven’t expired, etc.

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Five Tips for Bull Selection

Five Tips for Bull Selection

Austin Black

Angus Beef Bulletin

Sale season is just around the corner, and for bull buyers, it can be a stressful couple of months. Looking at sale books, walking through pens and sitting ringside is time-consuming. Planning ahead can ease the stress and help make the selection process a little easier. Following are five steps that will help bull buyers pick their next herd sire.

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How docility plays a role in rebreeding success

How docility plays a role in rebreeding success

Amanda Radke

Beef Magazine

Calving season will start for us in just a few weeks, and before we know it, calves will be on the ground and we’ll start thinking about breeding season once again. We know that environmental factors such as the weather and forage quality play a large role in calving ease, milking ability and rebreeding success. The body condition scores of our females can determine how quickly a lactating cow is able to get pregnant again.

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Corn stalk grazing saves on feed over winter months

Corn stalk grazing saves on feed over winter months

Colin Larson

Fremont Tribune

Corn stalk grazing can be a useful way for producers to feed their cattle over the winter months, and with a surplus of available corn stalk acres across the state it can also save producers on other types of feed such as hay. “One of the biggest advantages is money beef producers across the state can save on feed over the winter months,” said UNL Extension Educator Steve Tonn.

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