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Purdue researchers examine red meat

Purdue researchers examine red meat

Morning AG Clips

Consuming red meat in amounts above what is typically recommended does not affect short-term cardiovascular disease risk factors, such as blood pressure and blood cholesterol, according to a new review of clinical trials from Purdue University.

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Precalving Vaccination Programs for Cows

Precalving Vaccination Programs for Cows

Heather Smith Thomas

Hereford World

Calves have a better chance of staying healthy during their first weeks of life if they get an adequate amount of good-quality colostrum containing antibodies against most of the pathogens they may encounter soon after birth. If the dam has a chance to build high levels of antibodies before calving, she can pass this temporary immunity to her calf. Preventing calfhood disease is a combination of many factors which include a clean environment and well-nourished, healthy cows  with strong immunities. 

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Damian Mason:  3 Things More Important to Your Business (and Life) than the Electio

Damian Mason:  3 Things More Important to Your Business (and Life) than the Election

It’s been a month since the very interesting election of 2016.  Since then, you’ve seen every media talking head tell you what this election means.  Too many business people buy into the hype, convinced their enterprise will be greatly impacted by who occupies the Oval Office.

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Veterinarians, Teachers, Farmers, Partners

Veterinarians, Teachers, Farmers, Partners

Claire Vath

Progressive Farmer

Ask Jake and Carolyn Geis how they met, and the couple laughs. "Once upon a time," Jake begins, pausing dramatically, "there was a bacon-eating contest at the vet school." Carolyn groans.

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When is Protein Supplement Overfed?

When is Protein Supplement Overfed?

Karla H. Jenkins

University of Nebraska

The cattle markets are not what they were the last couple of years and many producers are re-evaluating their production costs to determine where expenses might be trimmed. It is a well- established fact that feed costs make up the majority of cowherd expenses in most operations. Therefore, it stands to reason, re-evaluating feed costs is a good place to start.

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Vet Report: Forget the sales pitch; listen to the evidence

Vet Report: Forget the sales pitch; listen to the evidence

Dr. Eric Knock

Tri-State Neighbor

There always seems to be some cure-all someone is trying to sell you that is “the next big thing” and will take care of every problem you could ever encounter, from poor breeding rates to BRD to scours to poor bull tests, etc. Someone tells you, “If you just used (insert name of next big thing here), you would never have any problems.” But, is there evidence that it will work for you?

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Fewer Trump Administration Regulations Could Help Agriculture

Fewer Trump Administration Regulations Could Help Agriculture

Wyatt Bechtel


As 2016 comes to a close the Obama administration is finalizing what policy it can before president-elect Donald Trump makes his way into the White House. A common theme for the new administration that might be a boon to agriculture is deregulation.

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