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Educating Youth and Influencers About Beef

Educating Youth and Influencers About Beef

The Beef Board

In the last couple of years, the national checkoff program has invested in more youth education about beef. “It’s critical that our checkoff program reaches young people at an impressionable age, when they are bombarded with so much information that’s not factual,” says Kristina McKee, partner in Mid-South Livestock Center in Unionville, Tenn.

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President Claims another 1.5 Million Acres through Antiquities Act

President Claims another 1.5 Million Acres through Antiquities Act


The Obama administration on Tuesday declared two new monument designations – 1.35 million acres at Bears Ears in Utah and 350,000 acres at Gold Butte in Nevada. Both designations were made unilaterally and despite overwhelming local opposition. Public Lands Council President and Utah rancher Dave Eliason criticized the outgoing administration for both their disregard for local input and the manner in which these latest designations were executed.

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Become More Supplement Savvy

Become More Supplement Savvy

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

When green grass goes dormant — either due to drought or winter weather, supplementing the cow herd with additional feedstuffs while they are on pasture may become a necessity. A few basic rules of thumb can help producers ensure they get the “best bang for the buck” on the extra dollars they are spending on feed, according to South Dakota State University (SDSU) animal science professor and extension beef specialist Ken Olson.

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Mark Parker:  The Top Ten future headlines:

Mark Parker:  The Top Ten future headlines:


10. Judge rules culling 12-year old cow constitutes age discrimination; Rancher fined

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Cold Stress and Beef Cattle

Cold Stress and Beef Cattle

David Hartman

Bovine Veterinarian

Winter weather if finally arriving and when it gets here for good we need to be prepared to handle and transport cattle appropriately. The heat of summer can be a challenge but the cold, wet and wind of winter and early spring can cause headaches that can’t be matched.

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Prevention is a Producer’s Best Tool for Managing Their Herd Health Program

Prevention is a Producer’s Best Tool for Managing Their Herd Health Program

Oklahoma Farm Report

When it comes to managing any cattle operation, herd health is one of, if not the top priority for producers. Especially with recent pressure coming from the consumer base, scrutinizing the use of antibiotics in modern production practices, says Dr. Tim Parks, manager of beef cattle technical services for MERCK Animal Health.

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True sustainability means you are making a profit

True sustainability means you are making a profit

Wallace’s Farmer

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association has named AJ and Kellie Blair, Dayton, as winners of the 2016 Iowa Environmental Stewardship Award Program (ESAP). The Blairs show a dedication to the environment on their modern, diversified livestock farm and have added cattle to the farm because of the conservation benefits cattle have to offer.

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