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BeefTalk: Crossbreeding, or Should We Say Effective Breeding Systems

BeefTalk: Crossbreeding, or Should We Say Effective Breeding Systems

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Herd size and fence are determining factors when bull selection is used, at least when the concepts of crossbreeding and breeding systems are discussed. If the goal is to excel in calf growth and maintain a cost-effective cow herd, crossbreeding the available breeds of cattle certainly becomes a discussable point.

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Late Weaning Helps Avoid Effects of Harsh Winter

Late Weaning Helps Avoid Effects of Harsh Winter

Heather Smith Thomas

Cattle Today

A growing number of stockmen are calving later in the year (April, May or June) rather than early, to be more in tune with nature. They have green grass at calving time and less need for harvested forage when the cow’s nutritional needs are peaking during lactation.

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Iowa family carves niche, lifestyle with Black Herefords

Iowa family carves niche, lifestyle with Black Herefords

Bill Tiedje

Iowa Farmer Today

“A 4-H project gone wild” grew into a successful family cattle breeding business over the past decade — sending cattle across 18 states and giving the Smith kids a foot in the door with the cattle industry. In 2006, Marc Smith, who now serves as the American Black Hereford Association (ABHA) vice president, remembered an ad he’d seen in the paper for Black Hereford cattle.

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A Fix for Decreased Forage Production

A Fix for Decreased Forage Production

Loretta Sorensen

Progressive Farmer

A decrease in forage production was the first clue ‌something was wrong on Roy Stewart’s family Hereford ranch. The ranch dates back to 1898 and is located near the headwaters of the Elkhorn River, outside of Newport, Nebraska. Consisting of 13,000 acres, the operation includes subirrigated meadows and Sandhill summer pastures. Artesian wells provide plentiful water at year-round temperatures of 54 degrees Fahrenheit.

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2nd Ind. cattle herd found with bovine TB

2nd Ind. cattle herd found with bovine TB

Morning AG Clips

State animal health officials say a second beef cattle herd has tested positive for bovine tuberculosis in southeastern Indiana. The Indiana State Board of Animal Health announced Tuesday that the beef cattle herd with the animal disease is in Franklin County. Those animals have been placed under quarantine.

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Replace dogma with logic for better productivity

Replace dogma with logic for better productivity

Walt Davis

Beef Magazine

Those of you who have read my ramblings over the years know that I am not a fan of industrial agriculture. There are several reasons for this position but the main one is that industrial agriculture simply does not work. It is not sustainable, much less regenerative. It produces a lot of product but at a cost that is unacceptably high.

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Bedding During Winter Months Pays Off

Bedding During Winter Months Pays Off

Warren Rusche


“To bed or not to bed?” With apologies to William Shakespeare, that is the question on many feedlot managers’ minds as we head into the winter months. Will providing bedding result in enough extra performance to outweigh the additional expenses in both material and labor?

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Educating Youth and Influencers About Beef

Educating Youth and Influencers About Beef

The Beef Board

In the last couple of years, the national checkoff program has invested in more youth education about beef. “It’s critical that our checkoff program reaches young people at an impressionable age, when they are bombarded with so much information that’s not factual,” says Kristina McKee, partner in Mid-South Livestock Center in Unionville, Tenn.

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President Claims another 1.5 Million Acres through Antiquities Act

President Claims another 1.5 Million Acres through Antiquities Act


The Obama administration on Tuesday declared two new monument designations – 1.35 million acres at Bears Ears in Utah and 350,000 acres at Gold Butte in Nevada. Both designations were made unilaterally and despite overwhelming local opposition. Public Lands Council President and Utah rancher Dave Eliason criticized the outgoing administration for both their disregard for local input and the manner in which these latest designations were executed.

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Become More Supplement Savvy

Become More Supplement Savvy

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

When green grass goes dormant — either due to drought or winter weather, supplementing the cow herd with additional feedstuffs while they are on pasture may become a necessity. A few basic rules of thumb can help producers ensure they get the “best bang for the buck” on the extra dollars they are spending on feed, according to South Dakota State University (SDSU) animal science professor and extension beef specialist Ken Olson.

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