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Calving problems: Are you ready for them?

Calving problems: Are you ready for them?

Wendy Sweeter

Progressive Cattleman

As many producers prepare for calving season, they should be ready for calving complications. One complication in particular is uterine prolapse. South Dakota State University Extension veterinarian Russell Daly says that type of prolapse is the most immediate problem that could happen after calving and, in particular, a difficult birth or hard delivery.

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Producers play catch-up during winter off-season

Producers play catch-up during winter off-season

Adam Russell

Southern Livestock

A bull didn’t want to be loaded on an outgoing trailer in late-summer and the damaged gate was the result, said ranch manager Tom Barker. Sometimes repairs have to wait until the off-season. After Roberts heated the hinge to a glowing orange, Chase Clifford hammered away at the hot metal to straighten the tear. Roberts followed with a few spot welds and more hammering before he and Roberts placed the mended gate back on its posts.

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Make a resolution to educate our non-farm cousins about how we produce their food

Make a resolution to educate our non-farm cousins about how we produce their food

Ted Ferris

Michigan State University

We all know that food has become a hot topic and many people read articles in the media and online that promote many varying views on what foods are healthy and how food is being produced today.

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Pellet made from distillers grain packs protein, not fat

Pellet made from distillers grain packs protein, not fat

Janelle Atyeo

Tri-State Neighbor

A new company in South Dakota is looking to optimize the nutrition cattle get from dried distillers grain. Novita Nutrition will open a $95 million processing plant east of Brookings, S.D., early next year. The plant will use distillers grain – a byproduct created when processing corn into ethanol. It will remove indigestible oil from the grain and create a pelletized feed called NovaMeal.

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Trump’s dithering on USDA nominee gives ag sector the jitters

Trump’s dithering on USDA nominee gives ag sector the jitters

Jonathan Baker

High Plains Public Radio

Donald Trump’s search for a Secretary of Agriculture is drawing criticism from some important contingents within the ag sector. As Politico reports, it’s been six weeks since the election and Trump has yet to name his nominee for the position.

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Seven calving schools planned in Kansas

Seven calving schools planned in Kansas

Today’s Producer

With the new year, beef producers are eager for the 2017 calf crop. In anticipation of calving season, Kansas State University Department of Animal Sciences and Industry and K-State Research and Extension are planning a series of calving schools in January.

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What Are the Popular Cattle Breeds in the United States?

What Are the Popular Cattle Breeds in the United States?

Facts about Beef

Cattle come in many different shapes and sizes – much of which can be attributed to various breeds of beef cattle. Not all cattle breeds are created equal – some are well-known for their meat quality while other cattle breeds are well-known for the amount of muscle they possess.

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Bull semen & cow beauty pageants

Bull semen & cow beauty pageants

Michele Payn

Cause Matters

Michele on dairyWhen I was 23 years old, I sold bull semen and cow embryos. Somehow people outside of farming find that to be quite funny. They bust into full-fledged laughter when I describe my airplane conversations around answering the question “so how do they get the semen?” which was always the first question after I explained my job.

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Beef cattle management for winter

Beef cattle management for winter

Brandon Sears

Richmond Register

Body condition is important, plan an adequate winter program for cows to be at least body condition score 5 (carrying enough flesh to cover the ribs) before the calving and breeding season. This will help them to breed early in the spring. Thin cows should be fed to regain body condition prior to winter.  Don’t let cows lose weight/condition.

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Matching Inventory to Available Resources

Matching Inventory to Available Resources

Glenn Selk


Mature weight and milk production of many commercial beef cows are both greater than they were 30 to 40 years ago.  Many ranchers have not recently weighed the adult cows in their herd to know what average mature weight to expect. 

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