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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 reindeer management issues Santa faces

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 reindeer management issues Santa faces


10. The vet mistakenly gives Rudolph antibiotics and the red nose thing clears right up.

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Snow fences: Protected by design

Snow fences: Protected by design

Loretta Sorensen

Progressive Forage

Because features of individual geographic locations will greatly impact the function of each snow fence, knowing how to evaluate the location in terms of tree location, wind direction and velocity, and species appropriate to the area are all key factors in satisfactory snow fence design.

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A Fungus in the Cold: When too much fall growth is a bad thing

A Fungus in the Cold: When too much fall growth is a bad thing

Genevieve Slocum

On Pasture

To everyone outside the farming world, deep, persistent snow cover is associated with little more than long, bitter, inhospitable winters, but snow shows up in agronomic contexts playing the same role again and again – as the perfect insulator.

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Get the most from weathered feed

Get the most from weathered feed

Canadian Cattleman

Bales containing 18-20 per cent moisture (or higher) have the potential to heat. Some of the sugars will be used by the microbes during heating, reducing the energy content available to the animals. If temperatures within the bale get above 40 C, the bales will smell sweet or like tobacco and the colour turns dark brown or black. When this happens, some of the protein will be tied to the fibre and not available to the animals.

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Six Steps to Ensure Immunization

Six Steps to Ensure Immunization

Bovine Veterinarian

Vaccinating calves against disease is one management practice that can improve calf health and help avoid financial losses in the future. However, simply vaccinating your calves is not enough to ensure immunization. Follow correct storage, handling and administration practices in order to provide an opportunity for the animal to respond with an adequate immune response.

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Take full advantage of cattle and corn synergies

Take full advantage of cattle and corn synergies

Wallace’s Farmer

“We hear a lot of discussion about the challenges of raising cattle on corn ground, yet that is one of our biggest competitive advantages over beef producers in other parts of the country,” noes Denise Schwab, beef program specialist with Iowa State University Extension. “We are really excited to feature two of the leading researchers in the country to talk about the synergies between cattle and corn.”

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Tips for choosing the right delousing products for the cow herd.

Tips for choosing the right delousing products for the cow herd.

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Greg Johnson, veterinary entomologist, Montana State University, says there are three species of sucking lice in most cattle-producing states and one species of biting/chewing louse. Pyrethroids kill external parasites like adult and immature lice on contact. According to the label, pyrethroid products should be applied twice to get the lice that hatch out from eggs after the first treatment.

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Cold raises nutritional needs of beef cattle

Cold raises nutritional needs of beef cattle

Mandan News

A rule of thumb is to increase total digestible nutrients (TDN) 1 pound for every 5 degrees below zero F. Another version is to increase TDN 1 percent for every degree below the lower critical temperature, which in some cases with a dry winter coat may be as low as minus 6 F (NRC, 1981) for gestating beef cows adapted to winter conditions.

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An Outlook on Omnivorism and the Environmental “Hoofprint” of Livestock

An Outlook on Omnivorism and the Environmental “Hoofprint” of Livestock

Marian Swain

The Breakthrough

This essay considers trends in meat consumption and production to assess what sorts systems might be best equipped to mitigate the environmental impacts of global meat production.

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Online Cattle Sale Aids in Price Discovery and Transparency

Online Cattle Sale Aids in Price Discovery and Transparency

Wyatt Bechtel


Volatile cattle markets have affected every segment of the cattle industry over the past year. Producers, industry groups and commodity traders have attempted to solve the problem through various measures, including: shortening trade hours, placing seasonal discounts for futures at a single delivery location and addressing high frequency trading.

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