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So how do you know it’s Christmas?

‘Cause the sheep can always tell.

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Nervous Coccidiosis in Calves

Nervous Coccidiosis in Calves

Larry D. Hauptmeier, DVM

Iowa Beef Center

A variety of clinical neurological syndromes exists in stocker and feeder cattle. Causes may be infectious, nutritional/metabolic, or toxins. A less common syndrome is referred to as "nervous" coccidiosis, named so because of the observation that many of the calves that experience this neurological syndrome concurrently exhibit clinical enteric coccidiosis. This entity was first reported in 1921.

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Steroid implants evolving

Steroid implants evolving

Ryan Crossingham

Tri State Neighbor

Though one of the beef industry technologies most misunderstood by consumers, steroid implants are among producers’ most effective tools for increasing beef production.

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Winter offers ideal time for key forage management activities

Winter offers ideal time for key forage management activities

Hugh Aljoe

Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Although many of us think of the winter as being a slow time in forage management, it is actually the ideal time to perform some key activities that allow us to better manage our pastures and grazing for the coming growing season. Activities that come to mind are summarizing production and grazing records, analyzing last year’s management plan, and drafting next year’s management plan.

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How Donald Trump Made Rural Voters Relevant Again

How Donald Trump Made Rural Voters Relevant Again

Patrick Pfingsten

Hoosier AG Today

Of Indiana’s 6.5 million residents, the five largest counties (Marion, Lake, Allen, Hamilton, St. Joseph) account for well over 2 million of that population, more than a third of the entire state. That mirrors many states in the Midwest—Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania that have urban population centers surrounded in large part, by corn and soybeans.

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Beef researchers developing genomic prediction tool

Beef researchers developing genomic prediction tool

Chris Yates

The Western Producer

Researchers with Agriculture Canada and the University of Alberta’s Livestock Gentec are working together to develop a genomic prediction tool that could help Canadian beef producers build more efficiency, carcass quality and profitability into the national herd.

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NILE salutes cattle industry as it celebrates 50 years

NILE salutes cattle industry as it celebrates 50 years

Tri State Livestock News

50 years ago, in 1967, businessmen, cattlemen and industry professionals gathered up with a vision to “Preserve and Embrace Agriculture and the Western Way of Live.” As we celebrate our past and look the future we thank the many people who have been a part of our mission.

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Livestock need special care during the cold, wet winter

Livestock need special care during the cold, wet winter


Tyler Morning Telegraph

Winter time is here. Managing livestock during cold weather may require some planning. Checking the forecast and planning ahead, feeding hay and supplementation to meet the livestock’s needs during cold, wet days is important. Water supplies may also need attention during that time.

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Broadening our view on beef promotion

Broadening our view on beef promotion

Morning AG Clips

You’ve heard it before: 96 percent of the world’s consumers live outside of United States borders. The statistic has been shared so often it’s become cliché. Lesser known but equally powerful is the fact that millions of consumers in many other countries are increasing their standards of living and buying power every year. Clearly, if the U.S. beef industry is to maximize its profitability, significant focus must be placed on consumers internationally.

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Technology, economics and consumers dictate cattle feeding.

Technology, economics and consumers dictate cattle feeding.

Miranda Reiman

Angus Beef Bulletin

Cattle have changed. If your management hasn’t, animal scientist Robbi Pritchard suggests you take a look to be sure it’s still relevant. The South Dakota State University professor addressed cattle feeders and allied industry at the Feeding Quality Forum in August. “Genetics are better, and our growth-enhancement tools are better, and we know a lot more about them,” Pritchard said, noting the term “precision ag” is typically reserved for row-crop discussions. It doesn’t have to be.

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