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Calving Is a Very Important Time in the Producrion Year

Calving Is a Very Important Time in the Producrion Year

Stephen Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

For the cow-calf operation, the main goal is for each breeding female to produce a healthy calve once per year. That said, in the typical cow-calf operation, calving is, without a doubt one of the most important periods of the entire production year.

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Protecting farmers or a midnight attack? Reaction mixed on new USDA rules

Protecting farmers or a midnight attack? Reaction mixed on new USDA rules

Steven White


In a statement, the agency said the rules will "protect farmers – including swine, beef cattle, and especially poultry growers – from unfair treatment by the often much larger processors who purchase their fully grown hogs, cattle, and chickens."

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Plan to reduce feed costs

Plan to reduce feed costs

Rick Rasby

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Profitable cow-calf producers tend to have three important items in line with one another: weaning weight in line with reproductive rate in line with cost of producing a weaned calf.

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Live Versus Carcass Gains

Live Versus Carcass Gains

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

It is no secret that beef slaughter weights have increased significantly in recent years – about 200 pounds on average since 1996 in fact. Several factors have influenced that trend, but mostly, cattle feeders have found that, in today’s market, it pays to feed cattle longer.

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Why Beef Quality Grades Are Improving

Why Beef Quality Grades Are Improving


Prices have eased, but a 10-year uptrend in beef quality from U.S. grain-fed cattle remains in place. That’s partly because lower quality beef has sold at a widening discount to average quality, says a beef cattle specialist with the Certified Angus Beef brand.

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From pasture to plate: Three Iowa cattle farm families share their story

From pasture to plate: Three Iowa cattle farm families share their story

High Plains Journal

On average, consumers are now three generations removed from the farm and are less familiar with where their food comes from and how it is raised. The Iowa Beef Industry Council announces its launch of a series of videos to help tell the story of beef from pasture to plate. The first series of videos features three Iowa farm families. Each family’s story is unique and provides a small glimpse into cattle farming in Iowa.

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Using Cost of Gain to Make Profitable Decisions

Using Cost of Gain to Make Profitable Decisions

Crystal Blinn


History shows that production profitability is closely tied to several key factors, one being cost of gain. Producers can use their records on specific input costs and gain calculations to benchmark their enterprises. Simply, cost of gain can be used to make good business decisions.

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Tips given for cattle owners

Tips given for cattle owners

Vic Schoonover

The Lawton Constitution

Since the record drought of 2010-15, Oklahoma’s beef cattle herd has increased as ponds have refilled, pastures have greened up and more hay has been put up for winter feeding. Any shifts such as these usually will find new people seeking to cash in on favorable opportunities.

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How are meat, poultry, chicken prices calculated?

How are meat, poultry, chicken prices calculated?

Vicksburg Post

Both time and FCR increase along with size when it comes to beef. Cattle are rather slow maturing and they are ruminants, requiring different diets than chickens and hogs. There is also more genetic variation among cattle herds, resulting in less predictable and less uniform feeding results compared to those of chickens and hogs.

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Beef industry small part of greenhouse gas emissions

Beef industry small part of greenhouse gas emissions

Deborah Gertz Husar


When it comes to protecting the environment, don’t blame greenhouse gas emission problems on beef cattle or people who like a good steak.

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