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Cow-Calf Producers Invited to Talk Strategy at Winter Meeting Series

Cow-Calf Producers Invited to Talk Strategy at Winter Meeting Series

Iowa Beef Center

Cow-calf producers who want to learn more about improving returns from their enterprise are invited to attend any in a series of strategy-focused workshops in early 2017 hosted by the Iowa Beef Center and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. Iowa State cow-calf specialist Patrick Gunn is organizing the workshops and will share information about feeding, including grazing harvest residue, cover crops and alternative feeds.

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Health considerations when marketing cattle

Health considerations when marketing cattle

Bob Larson

Angus Journal

Seedstock producers strive to market desirable genetics to their customers through the bulls and heifers they sell, while commercial cattle producers market calves or yearlings with growth potential to their customers.

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Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Profitable

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Profitable

Alan Newport

Progressive Farmer

Cody and Deanna Sand changed their ranch management after a financial analyst looked at the year’s red ink and concluded they just needed to borrow more money.

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What is your cost of hay production this season?

What is your cost of hay production this season?

Glenn Shewmaker

Progressive Forage
Is the market price for hay lower than your cost of production? Do you know your cost of production? I suspect many of us have not calculated it for a while. I recently went through the process of updating a budget for irrigated alfalfa hay in southern Idaho.

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Conservation Easements FAQs

Conservation Easements FAQs

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

Conservation easements are a way to protect open lands such as farms and ranches, wildlife habitats, historic and cultural sites, and scenic vistas from development, while keeping them in private ownership. Conservation easements are flexible to meet the needs of the landowner, protect private property rights while providing compensation to landowners, and can be a way to keep ensure that land remains in agricultural production. Conservation easements can reduce your tax burden and make your family operation affordable for the next generation.

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State Beef Checkoff Vote Passes in Iowa

State Beef Checkoff Vote Passes in Iowa

Wyatt Bechtel


A majority of cattle producers in Iowa voted to reinstate a $0.50 per head checkoff. On Nov. 30, a referendum vote was held with 56% of cattlemen voting in favor of the checkoff, according to the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. The Department of Ag still has to certify the results by Dec. 30.

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Pruitt as head of EPA, pleases agriculture groups and producers

Pruitt as head of EPA, pleases agriculture groups and producers

Southern Livestock

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team announced yesterday, the selection of Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).The announcement was met with praise and cheers by almost all of agriculture.

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