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The Price of Muscling Up

The Price of Muscling Up

Robert Waggener

Progressive Farmer

How much muscle do we need in a commercial beef cow? That question intrigues Oklahoma State University Extension beef cattle specialist David Lalman, who believes ranchers need to be cautious in any program that’s aggressively selecting for muscle and growth. The natural outcome is often greater weight and less body fat in mature cows, a combination that can hurt reproductive performance.

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Seedstock panel addresses ways to capture the value of good genetics

Seedstock panel addresses ways to capture the value of good genetics

Miranda Reiman

Progressive Cattleman

“When I left college in ’77, I swore that someday we would get paid for our genetics,” said Mike Kasten, a commercial cattleman from Millersville, Missouri. “I didn’t know it would be the mid-’90s before that actually happened.”

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Management finesse helps cattle gain

Management finesse helps cattle gain

Jeff DeYoung

Iowa Farmer Today

Kurt Christensen realizes it will not be long until chilly autumn days are replaced with sub-zero windchill factors. “You hate to think about that,” he said. Christensen farms with his father, Kent, his uncle Ron and his cousin Clayton. The family grows crops and feeds about 2,000 cattle on their Clay County farm.

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Bayer to Purchase Cydectin Line From Boehringer Ingelheim

Bayer to Purchase Cydectin Line From Boehringer Ingelheim

Bovine Veterinarian

Bayer and Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI) this week announced that they have signed an agreement under which, on completion of the transaction, Bayer would acquire BIVI’s CYDECTIN bovine and ovine endectocide products in the U.S.

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Free CattleFax outlook webinar set

Free CattleFax outlook webinar set

Beef Producer

A free CattleFax webinar in January will address market conditions and outlook for the cow-calf segment and the entire beef industry for 2017. The CattleFax Trends+ Cow-Calf Webinar will be Jan. 25, 2017, at 5:30 p.m. MT. To participate in the webinar and access program details, producers and industry leaders simply need to register online at https://www.cattlefax.com/#!/about

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Beef genomics loses value without phenotypic data collection

Beef genomics loses value without phenotypic data collection

Kevin Gould

Michigan State University

The world of genomic selection advancement is accelerating as new technology and product accuracy improves and becomes more affordable. One convention session that got my attention was hosted by Dr. Dan Moser and Dr. Stephen Miller from Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI). The message revolved around progress in genomics, new testing options and the need to continue to emphasize the collection of individual phenotypic data.

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Prepare for winter on the farm with this checklist

Prepare for winter on the farm with this checklist

Tri State Neighbor

Temperatures plummeted this week, and SDSU Extension dairy specialist Tracey Erickson has tips producers can follow to be ready for winter. "It is my hope that this check list will help you prepare your dairy for the winter season ahead and be beneficial as you put your winter preparedness plan into action, while simultaneously making those cold winter mornings less stressful," Erickson said.

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Tis the Season To Remember Healthy Cows Equals Healthy Calves!

Tis the Season To Remember Healthy Cows Equals Healthy Calves!

Joeseph W. Ward, Ph.D.

American Cattleman

  Management practices during the last trimester of pregnancy is a critical time in the yearly cycle of the cow.  How we manage all aspects of a cow’s needs including nutrition, housing and immune status during the last 30 to 90 days of pregnancy has a direct impact on the health and survivability of a newborn calf. 

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Ohio Beef School to Explore All Phases of Production

Ohio Beef School to Explore All Phases of Production

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

The 2017 Ohio Beef School webinar series will begin on January 17 with a close look at what the cow/calf sector can do in the foreseeable future that will enhance profitability. What follows in subsequent sessions on February 7 and February 28 will be similar looks at the next two phases of production and how they all relate.

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Observe how to keep them healthy and profitable

Observe how to keep them healthy and profitable

Ag News Feed

Weaned calves in the preconditioning or backgrounding pen should have come in with a plan. For those happy with weanling prices, calves in the pen may be limited to replacement heifer prospects. Others may see this as a year to retain ownership through finishing or you’re just waiting to sell calves in a new year. No matter why you’re feeding those calves now, you face significant challenges from respiratory disease. Even fall-born, nursing calves are at risk with the fluctuating temperatures and frequent changes in weather.

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