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Why Beef Sustainability Matters John Maday

Why Beef Sustainability Matters

John Maday


Regardless of what you think of the sustainability issue, you might need to measure and document more practices in the future. The retail market will drive that need, as consumers increasingly pressure corporations to verify their supply chains are sustainable. McDonald’s, for example, announced in 2014 its commitment to begin sourcing at least some of its beef from verifiable sustainable production chains by 2016.

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How one rancher has found success in the Russian beef business

How one rancher has found success in the Russian beef business

Codi Vallery-Mills

Beef Magazine

Darrell Stevenson of Hobson, Mont., isn’t sure where the last six years have gone. Like many folks who jump head first into a new venture, Stevenson has been focused on seeing that his new ranching enterprise is successful.

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Growth pattern of cattle affects beef eating quality

Growth pattern of cattle affects beef eating quality

FG insight

Dr Mary Vickers, AHDB Beef and Lamb senior scientist, said: “The project tested the theory that cattle which undergo a store period produce meat with more gristle that is less tender.” The cattle were managed to finish at different slaughter ages between 12 and 36 months. Cattle on a short-duration growth path were finished indoors and slaughtered at 12-16 months old. Animals on the medium-duration growth path were grazed on a high-quality grass reseed then finished indoors during the subsequent winter feeding period. They were slaughtered at 18-24 months, having reached commercially acceptable carcase specification (target R4L).

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