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Replacements Should Be Held to High Standards

Replacements Should Be Held to High Standards

Jacob R. Segers, Ph.D.

Cattle Today

As autumn makes its debut across the Empire State of the South, many spring-calving operations have been, or are in the process of, weaning; and in a few months, producers will be sorting through females and deciding which ladies get a job offer and which get shown the door.

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Election 2016 – What does it mean for the cattle markets?

Election 2016 – What does it mean for the cattle markets?

Brenda Boetel

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Last Tuesday, Donald Trump became the President-elect.  Although the US stock market initially declined, the losses were made up later that day and the market has continued to react positively. What will happen long-term is up for debate.  The question for this report however is what immediate decisions President-elect Trump will make that will have long-term impacts on the cattle markets.

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Is disposition the biggest reason to cull a cow?

Is disposition the biggest reason to cull a cow?

Amanda Radke

Beef Magazine

We’ve been enjoying an extremely warm and mild fall in South Dakota this year, but the weathermen are now predicting our first hit of snowy weather by the end of the week. With cold temperatures and snow flurries soon to hit my neck of the woods, I’m thankful we have calves worked and sold and the cow herd pregnancy-checked.

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Umbilical Hernias in Calves

Umbilical Hernias in Calves

Dr. Ken Mcmillan,

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

There are times when umbilical hernias in calves call for surgical corrections

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Stranded cows rescued from quake island near Kaikoura Updated

Stranded cows rescued from quake island near Kaikoura Updated

Simon Wong


A Kaikoura farmer has told Newshub he rescued his now world-famous cows with pick and shovel after they became stranded on a quake-made island. Two beef cows and a calf became worldwide sensations after their predicament was filmed by Newshub following the devastating magnitude-7.5 quake centred near Culverden on Monday.

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Improve your beef herd, starting with the sire

Improve your beef herd, starting with the sire

Nebraska Farmer

mproving a herd starts with the sire. A bull gives half the genetics to offspring. Further, the bull likely has dozens of calves, where a cow has only one calf per year.

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Some things can and should be done to help ranchers

Some things can and should be done to help ranchers

Capital Journal

The last two years or so have been pretty rough on South Dakota’s economy. Prices being paid for corn, soybeans, wheat and beef cattle have fallen precipitously from their highs of just a few years ago. Perhaps the most striking fall is the price being paid for cattle. As we reported earlier this week it’s about half of what it was two years ago when prices peaked.

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Protecting against lice this winter

Protecting against lice this winter

Beef Magazine

As we move into the cold winter months when lice populations increase, it’s critical to help your clients monitor cattle behavior to better control lice. Infestations cost the U.S. cattle industry more than $125 million annually.1,2 Moderate to heavy lice infestations can significantly reduce gain by as much as 9.2 percent, which is equivalent to 0.21 pounds per head per day in growing cattle.

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Timely beef cattle tips

Timely beef cattle tips

Brandon Sears

Richmond Register

If you have already done a preweaning working, revaccinate (booster) calves as needed. Treat calves for internal and external parasites. If you vaccinate calves yourself, be sure to store, handle and administer vaccines properly.

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NCBA hopes to play “some offense” with new administration

NCBA hopes to play "some offense" with new administration

Brownfield AG News

The president-elect of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), Craig Uden, says his organization looks forward to working with the new Trump administration. “Perhaps we can get some things moved through,” Uden says. “Instead of being on the defense, maybe we can look at some offense.”

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