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Bovine Anaplasmosis in Drought

Bovine Anaplasmosis in Drought

Dr. Lew Strickland

University of Tennessee

The recent drought that has plagued the Southeast US has certainly resulted in an increase in the movement of cattle across the region. Along with this movement of animals comes an increase in the possibility of diseases that we may not typically see in certain areas. Veterinarians in some parts of the U.S. are reporting more cases of anaplasmosis in recent years, perhaps as a result of increased cattle movement due to drought and other natural disasters.   

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Cattle health impacts carcass traits

Cattle health impacts carcass traits

Bob Larson

Angus Journal

It is important for everyone involved in beef cattle production, including seedstock producers, cow-calf producers, backgrounders and stocker operators, feedlot managers, packers, retailers, feed suppliers and veterinarians, to remember that all the money distributed among the many participants is generated by the sale of beef to consumers.

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Do We Have to Have Feedlots to Raise Enough Beef?

Do We Have to Have Feedlots to Raise Enough Beef?

Jim Gerrish

On Pasture

How many times have you been told we have to have feedlots because we just don’t have enough land to finish all of those cattle on pasture? Have you ever actually sat down and tried to figure out how much land it would take to pasture finish all the beef we need in the US?

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Beef Industry Stresses Urgency for a TPP Vote During Lame Duck Session

Beef Industry Stresses Urgency for a TPP Vote During Lame Duck Session

Oklahoma Farm report

A vote for the Trans Pacific Partnership, TPP, in the lame duck session is becoming increasingly more urgent for those in the US beef industry.

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Matching grass hay with livestock nutrient needs

Matching grass hay with livestock nutrient needs

Bruce Anderson

Nebraska Farmer

When did you cut grass hay this year? Did you wait until all row crops were planted? Maybe you typically cut between your first and second irrigation of corn, or cutting of alfalfa. Some growers choose to wait until mid- to late summer to minimize weather risks or cut off late-emerging weeds. Or, like some, maybe you cut grass hay whenever you get around to it.

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Facebook group functions as connection for forage

Facebook group functions as connection for forage

TriState Neighbor

o help connect suppliers of hay and forage with those in need of it, SDSU Extension hosts a Facebook group called SDSU Extension Feed & Forage Finder. The Facebook group is open to anyone interested in either buying or selling hay or feedstuffs. These listings can include baled hay, straw or silage as well as individuals seeking pasture to rent, custom feeding or custom grazing arrangements, said Warren Rusche, SDSU Extension cow-calf field specialist.

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Regional ranchers should reconsider default fall-calving

Regional ranchers should reconsider default fall-calving

Clay Wright

Noble Foundation

A cow’s primary purpose is to bring a live calf to the weaning pen every 365 days. It is more economically important than the calf’s weaning weight or subsequent performance. The producer must provide the right environment for the cow to meet that expectation, which includes providing adequate nutrition, a comprehensive herd health program and bull management. In my experience, inadequate nutrition is the most common cause of failure in reproductive performance.

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Improved breeding for quality beefcan gain top prices for herd owners

Improved breeding for quality beefcan gain top prices for herd owners

Duane Dailey  

University of Missouri

Cow herd owners leery of the futures market or insurance for risk management can look to quality beef for protection. Scott Brown, University of Missouri (MU) livestock economist, discussed that option at the MU Thompson Farm field day Tuesday, Sept. 20. He asked the farmers present if any were using risk management. No hands went up.

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Just-Right Body Condition Boosts Conception

Just-Right Body Condition Boosts Conception

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Keeping cows on a 365-day calving schedule takes more than a good bull. It requires good body condition. Standards for scoring body condition go back years and are well-defined. "This is an easy tool to pick up, and there are detailed descriptions available," says Lisa Kriese-Anderson, Extension beef specialist at Auburn University.

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What is ‘sustainable’ agriculture? Consumers’ ideas vary

What is ‘sustainable’ agriculture? Consumers’ ideas vary

On the Farm Radio

Consumer perception plays a huge role in how companies describe themselves, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation, a USFRA member organization. USFRA findings reveal nearly 8 in 10 consumers identify with four key points when it comes to farming and sustainability: soil, water, air and habitat.

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