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The Top 10 Farmer Wishes

The Top 10 Farmer Wishes

Mark Parker


10. That the guy who put in the corner post you’re tearing out would not have used enough concrete to remodel Hitler’s bunker.

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Cull Or Keep An Unbred Heifer?

Cull Or Keep An Unbred Heifer?

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

When I first got out of school, I said fertility may not be heritable, but infertility is. I had only my experience growing up around cattle to base that on at the time, but the heritability of fertility has been and still is being intensively researched.

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Cloning project at West Texas A&M University yields big results

Cloning project at West Texas A&M University yields big results

Cassidy Woolsey

Progressive Cattleman

It all began six years ago, with two “one in a million” carcasses, one late-night call and a whole lot of questions. In 2010, West Texas A&M University’s Ty Lawrence was finishing up a routine evaluation at a local meat packing plant when he came across two very rare, Prime, Yield Grade 1 carcasses.

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Wheat and rye as alternative forage

Wheat and rye as alternative forage

Curt Reese, Joel Ekberg and Roger Gausman

Progressive Forage

Throughout history, farmers have sought to improve yield and productivity of the land they farm. One method is to double-crop, or grow two crops in the same season. In warmer climates, farmers often raise a crop of soybeans and corn or some other combination of crops within one year. In the northern climates like Minnesota, the growing season has been too short to do this.

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Drones for Grazing Management

Drones for Grazing Management

Kathy Voth

On Pastuew

Dr. John Walker of Texas A&M AgriLife has been experimenting with drones as a grazing management tool. He’s used drones to check fences, move livestock, and to search for missing animals. He can even imagine having a grazing plan where you use the drone to herd animals from pasture to pasture.

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Farm Management Program Addresses Tough Times and Tackles Tough Questions in Agriculture

Farm Management Program Addresses Tough Times and Tackles Tough Questions in Agriculture

Jared Decker

A Steak in Genomics

          According to Garry L. Mathes, chair of the 2016 Missouri Livestock Symposium, producers and land owners coming to the Missouri Livestock Symposium to participate in the farm management section can expect the speaker lineup to address some of the toughest questions facing agriculture today. Mathes continues to say that the Missouri Livestock Symposium continually strives to be on the cutting edge of producer education and our Farm Management section is designed to do just that.

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The Matching Game

The Matching Game

Miranda Reiman

Angus Media

“Genetics are better and our growth enhancement tools are better and we know a lot more about them,” Pritchard said, noting the term “precision ag” is typically reserved for row-crop discussions. It doesn’t have to be. “We could go that way in the cattle business and we could make big strides.”

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‘Have you ever fed cattle?’

‘Have you ever fed cattle?’

Greg Henderson


“You’ve got your facts wrong.” So began a recent phone exchange (I hesitate to call it a conversation because I didn’t get the opportunity to say much) with a cattle producer who challenged my story on increasing supplies of red meat and poultry.

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Forage Management Considerations After Frost

Forage Management Considerations After Frost

The Stock Exchange

We have had a few, light scattered frosts in the area that have generated some questions about forage use after a frost.  The two most common questions concern the use of warm season grasses in the sorghum family and grazing alfalfa.

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Alternative cattle marketing decisions for tough times

Alternative cattle marketing decisions for tough times

Harlan Hughes

Beef Magazine

This year is turning out to be a tough year for beef cow producers, as fall calf prices have trended down most of the year.

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