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Should You Supplement Steer Calves Grazing Cornstalks?

Should You Supplement Steer Calves Grazing Cornstalks?

Benjamin Tibbitts, Jim MacDonald, Rick Funston, Cody Welchons, Robert Bondurant, and Henry Hilscher

University of Nebraska

While past research has shown that mature, pregnant, cows without a calf at side can be maintained on corn residue without protein and energy supplementation, this is not the case for growing calves. What can be used to balance this deficiency?

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Abnormal election year: what does it mean for agriculture?

Abnormal election year: what does it mean for agriculture?

Lynn Grooms


“This is no normal year,” said John Gilliland about 2016 and the presidential campaign. Gilliland spoke at the Women in Agribusiness Summit, held Sept. 27-29 in Chicago. He is a consultant to Akin Gump Strauss Hauer and Feld LLP, a law practice in Washington, D.C. He advises clients on international trade, which includes trade agreements, legislation and international disputes. Along with 2016 not being a normal election year, neither candidate is “normal,” Gilliland said amid laughter from the audience.

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Variety cuts add value to meat exports

Variety cuts add value to meat exports

Meghan Grebner

Brownfield Network

2016 has been a tough year for livestock producers and Joe Schuele with the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) says producers finally got the good some news they needed. He tells Brownfield after building export momentum during the summer months’ – exports for US beef and pork reach year highs in August.  “Producers right now – I think they can take heart in the fact that exports are on an upward trend,” he says.

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As Election Looms, TPP Backers Push Adoption

As Election Looms, TPP Backers Push Adoption

Greg Henderson


Supporters of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) are increasingly concerned that the window to tap into new Asian markets is closing. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton say they oppose TPP, and that just leaves three months for President Obama to convince Congress to get the deal done. But with increasing resistance to TPP in Congress, analysts believe the chances of passage are growing slim.

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Plan ahead for winter management.

Plan ahead for winter management.

Heather Smith Thomas

Hereford World

The season has changed and fall is in full swing. But thinking ahead is something cattlemen do well — now is the time to plan for cold-weather management.

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Pasture improvement begins by soil testing

Pasture improvement begins by soil testing

James Camberato And Keith Johnson

Progressive Forage

This fall, any fall for that matter, is a great time to take soil samples, come up with a liming and fertilization plan based on soil analysis, and apply the recommended amendments and nutrients to establish a new field or keep an older stand functioning well.

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Cornstalk grazing myths busted

Cornstalk grazing myths busted

Curt Arens

Beef Magazine

About 20 years of University of Nebraska research shows that cornstalk grazing can actually increase soybean yields the following year, and has little or no impact on corn crops. While there is still resistance to grazing cornstalks by some landowners because of the potential for compaction from cattle or loss of organic matter, research doesn’t back up the myth.

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Real or artificial? Use of AI and ET in commercial cattle hears

Real or artificial? Use of AI and ET in commercial cattle hears

Robert Fears

The Eagle

In the last issue of Land and Livestock Post, I discussed how to determine what you can afford to pay for a bull. If bulls with desired genetics are not affordable, there is perhaps a more economical alternative in buying semen and artificially inseminating cows and heifers. Bull and artificial insemination costs were compared by Bruce Carpenter of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service during the 2016 Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course.

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Grazier Manages Cattle with Ecological Focus

Grazier Manages Cattle with Ecological Focus


Building fence, moving cows, running water lines, and slinging grassfed meat for her customers are just a smattering of the daily activities in the life of Ariel Greenwood. 

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Paired for Performance

Paired for Performance

Bridget Beran

 Angus Journal

For many family farms, an annual sale is a focal point of the operation. However, putting on a sale is no easy feat. Marketing, setup, and supplying enough cattle can add up to an intimidating amount of time, money and work. The solution for some Angus breeders is to cooperate with one of their fellow breeders to host a dual-sale to ease the burden for each operation.

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