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Three Things to Consider Before Buying Those Females to Add to Your Herd

Three Things to Consider Before Buying Those Females to Add to Your Herd

Oklahoma Farm Report

For cattle producers looking to add females to their beef cattle herds, there are several things to consider before making that purchase, according to Robert Wells of the Noble Foundation. Farm Director Ron Hays had the opportunity to get his advice on what considerations he suggests producers make.

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The Genetics of Horned, Polled and Scurred Cattle

The Genetics of Horned, Polled and Scurred Cattle

Darrh Bullock

University of Kentucky

Completely avoiding both horns and scurs in your cowherd is near impossible for most commercial cattle producers. Understanding how we get polled and horned cattle is relatively simple and a genomics test can tell us if an animal is a carrier of the horn allele or not.

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Can ultra-high stock density make 10x stocking rate?

Can ultra-high stock density make 10x stocking rate?

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

It’s common question for beef producers to ask why people would move cattle to fresh pasture every day or even more frequently. The answer is first and foremost for profitability. Yet many things happen under ultra-high-stock-density grazing which lead to this increase in profits.

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Top Dollar Angus announces Seedstock Partnership Program

Top Dollar Angus announces Seedstock Partnership Program

The Cattle Business Weekly

Top Dollar Angus, Inc. has announced a new Seedstock Partnership Program. The program allows seedstock providers to identify and elevate their Angus and Red Angus bulls and females that genetically excel in growth and carcass value potential.

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Still Time to Grow and Use More Feed

Still Time to Grow and Use More Feed

Chris Penrose

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Do you have enough feed for this winter? Is it of good quality? If not, there is still time to generate more quality feed for this winter for our cattle. What can we do?

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New tools for research

New tools for research

Bob Larson

Angus Journal

Genomics and related research areas such as proteinomics, lipidomics and other “omics” are used to study the molecules that are inside cells, including DNA, RNA, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. New laboratory tools are being developed to allow animal and veterinary scientists to investigate how different cattle respond to different nutrients, disease challenges and environmental factors at the cellular level.

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Low stress handling keeps cattle calm

Low stress handling keeps cattle calm

Doug Warnock

Capital Press

“Reducing stress when handling livestock will improve productivity and prevent physiological changes that could confound research and lower productivity. Handlers who understand livestock behavior can reduce stress,” says Dr. Temple Grandin, professor of animal science at Colorado State University and a recognized authority on livestock handling systems.

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Iowa beef checkoff absentee ballot request forms available

Iowa beef checkoff absentee ballot request forms available

Prairie Farmer

he Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship and the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association last week announced that eligible beef producers can request an absentee ballot to participate in the referendum on whether the 50-cents-per-head state beef checkoff in Iowa should be reinstated. The referendum will be held Nov. 30, 2016.

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Smart strategies for a parasite control program

Smart strategies for a parasite control program

Beef Magazine

Antiparasitic resistance—the genetic ability of parasites to survive the effects of an antiparasitic drug that was previously effective—continues to grow in U.S. cattle.

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