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The Truth About Calving…Beef Cattle

The Truth About Calving…Beef Cattle

Outside the AG Room

In the midst of calving season and really any other time of the year – the dairy industry is often the focus of consumer questions and concerns.  The beef industry often flies under the radar.  With the buzz word being TRANSPARENCY, flying under the radar is not always ideal.

I love taking pictures, especially pictures of my cattle (cows, bulls, and calves alike) and, of course, my kids! 

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Phases of silage fermentation

Phases of silage fermentation

Adegbola T. Adesogan d Yoana C. Newman


The silage fermentation process takes several days and can be divided into five phases. Each of the five phases is characterized by different changes in the forage.

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To Graze or Not to Graze Cattle, That is the Question

To Graze or Not to Graze Cattle, That is the Question

Oklahoma Farm Report

The big question for producers right now is whether or not any money can be made this fall and winter, grazing cattle out on wheat pasture. Oklahoma State University Livestock Market Economist Dr. Derrell Peel has advocated that the potential for profitable margins for producers using this strategy since late summer.

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Fall deworming helps decrease parasite load

Fall deworming helps decrease parasite load

Beef Producer

Producers could be losing as much as $200 per head each grazing season they do not deworm cattle. “As beef producers head into fall, it’s important to remember that with parasites, the same effects you see in feedlot cattle also occur in the cow herd,” said Gary Sides, PhD, managing nutritionist, Beef Strategic Technical Services at Zoetis..

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Planning for your 4-H beef project animal: Calf selection

Planning for your 4-H beef project animal: Calf selection

Julie Thelen

Michigan State University

As the fall weather approaches, many youth across Michigan begin looking for their 4-H beef project animal. Caring for a beef animal requires forward thinking and creating a plan of how to see your project through to the end. In addition to the requirement of selecting the animal, there is also a financial burden of caring for an animal through the duration of your project.

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Dart gun concerns

Dart gun concerns

The Cattle Business Weekly

Dart guns to administer medications to sick cattle in the pasture have become increasingly popular in the past few years. Several research trials evaluating their effectiveness on drug delivery, efficacy, impacts on meat quality and other factors are underway, and initial results are revealing some concerns with this method of medication transmission.

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Importance of Preventative Medicine to Farmers and Ranchers

Importance of Preventative Medicine to Farmers and Ranchers

The Cow Docs

Fall has fallen again, and once more it is that time of year when calves are weaned and transitioned to a new stage in life. Like all transitions for cattle (and people too!) this time can be stressful. In order to keep the calves content and healthy, farmers and ranchers focus on preventative medicine.

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A Day on a Ranch Where Your Beef is Raised

A Day on a Ranch Where Your Beef is Raised

Buzzard’s Beat

Ever wonder what happens on the ranch where your food is being grown and raised? I am personally intrigued by food production – I love learning about different ways food is grown. I recently got to see where/how tomatoes are grown in large fields and I was in pure awe.

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Mizzou Collegiate Cattlewomen educate students about the beef industry

Mizzou Collegiate Cattlewomen educate students about the beef industry

Magdaline Duncan

The ManEater

The next time you see a cow hanging out on Lowry Mall, the Mizzou Collegiate Cattlewomen are probably responsible. The group’s biggest event of the year, Meet Your Meat, is intended to fundraise as well as spark conversation with passersby. Each year they purchase 600 steaks to sell as ribeye sandwiches for the event, and each year they sell out.

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Drought Taking Toll on Beef Cattle Ranchers

Drought Taking Toll on Beef Cattle Ranchers

Desare Frazier

Mississppi Public Radio

The National Weather Service reports drought conditions are significant in some areas of the state, especially in northeastern and central Mississippi.  Meteorologist John Moore says after some rain in August the weather changed.

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High Moisture Corn Management – Feedlot Magazine

High Moisture Corn Management – Feedlot Magazine

Jeremy Martin

Feedlot Magazine

As harvest approaches and cattle feeding margins remain negative, take the opportunity this harvest to get the most out of your corn crop. If putting up high moisture corn (HMC) is part of your repertoire, I am going to challenge you to manage the entire process in order to achieve success. From an agronomic standpoint, HMC expands the harvest season and reduces in-field grain loss by 3-6%. From a feeding standpoint, HMC improves both gain and conversion while typically resulting in less shrink than dry corn.

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