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Baxter Black, DVM:  Hoot and a Holler

Baxter Black, DVM:  Hoot and a Holler

Hoot had a way of keepin’ the bubble level. Which ain’t as easy as it sounds in the cricks and hollers around Ada.

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Broad Beef Producer Input Sought for 2016 National Beef Quality Audit

Broad Beef Producer Input Sought for 2016 National Beef Quality Audit

The Beef Board

Beef producers all across the country, from every segment of the industry, are being encouraged to participate in a survey that will help establish a benchmark and course for the beef industry for 2017 and beyond. The Producer Survey of the checkoff-funded 2016 National Beef Quality Audit (NBQA) will collect producer information and opinions, which will be added to the audit’s traditional production research to form an in-depth look at where the industry stands and what its successes and shortcomings are.

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More profit from fewer cows? Here’s the secret

More profit from fewer cows? Here’s the secret

Alan Newport

Beef Magazine

Research in Texas is showing that on managed pastures with rotational grazing and cover crops, not only is soil health increasing, but the pastures also produce more carrying capacity with fewer cows. There is also more total gross revenue than continuously grazed pastures.

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Feeding newly-weaned calves

Feeding newly-weaned calves

Connor Orrock


As spring beef calves are beginning to be weaned, it is the producer’s responsibility to help make that transition as smooth as possible. Improper weaning can result in poor growth, which may stay with the animal through its life, according to Kansas State University animal scientist Justin Waggoner.

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Custom Feeding Arrangement Agreements

Custom Feeding Arrangement Agreements

Cari Rincker

Rincker Law

A custom feeding contract is between a livestock owner and a livestock feeder with market animals.

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Value in Good Stockmanship

Value in Good Stockmanship

Troy Smith

Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA

About 20% of people involved in the care and handling of beef cattle are “naturals.” Stockmanship comes easily for them, compared to the 70% of people who always seem to need supervision. The remaining 10% just should not be handling animals at all. Such was the opinion voiced by animal behavior specialist and Colorado State University Professor Temple Grandin during the fifth International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare (ISBCW) June 8-10, 2016, in Manhattan, Kan.

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Gelbvieh Convention to Be Held in Lincoln, Nebraska

Gelbvieh Convention to Be Held in Lincoln, Nebraska

The Stock Exchange

The AGA convention will include events such as AGA committee meetings, the AGA annual membership meeting, kick-off reception, awards banquet, the second annual Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup and much more.

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Jeff Hubbard raises bulls just for kicks

Jeff Hubbard raises bulls just for kicks

Gary Bomar

Abilene Reporter News

Jeff Hubbard of Rising Star has found a unique niche in the beef cattle business, that is the raising and training of bucking bulls for the rodeo industry. "It is typical cattle production, but with an emphasis on the genetics of performance in the rodeo arena," said Hubbard.

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Proper nutrition important for cattle as winter approaches

Proper nutrition important for cattle as winter approaches

Adam Russell

Southwest Farm Press

Cattle producers should consider testing hay for quality to insure they meet nutritional requirements of cows and keep them in good condition through the winter.

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Don’t Miss the Traveling BQA Road Show This November

Don’t Miss the Traveling BQA Road Show This November

Lancaster Farming

The evening activities will open with speaker Dr. Dan Tracy from Multimin®, sharing Multimin 90’s role in disease prevention. At each BQA road show, Dr. Don Höglund will be the featured speaker presenting, “How do beef cattle learn? … and why is that the cornerstone of safe and efficient handling?”

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