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Baxter Black, DVM:  This is Dirt

Baxter Black, DVM:  This is Dirt

Tribute to the FFA Advisor

This is dirt. We call it soil

This is work. Some call it toil

We make food from dirt and rain

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Collect Hay Samples in 6 Easy Steps

Collect Hay Samples in 6 Easy Steps

Crystal Blin


It is important to take samples of your hay to ensure you know its true nutrient value. It is extremely difficult to know the quality of your hay by just looking at it. By having your hay analyzed you will have a better understanding of its quality, and this will allow you to work with a nutritionists to provide the lowest cost ration possible to meet the performance expectations of your livestock.

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Many factors impacting cattle market

Many factors impacting cattle market

Samantha Athey


Gone are the days when you could take a couple calves down to the sale barn and come back with a check big enough to put a down payment on that piece of land you’ve been eyeing — and have leftovers for a celebratory steak dinner.

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Managing Heifers in Declining Cattle Market

Managing Heifers in Declining Cattle Market

Jason Carter

Lancaster Farming

By a long shot, the fall season is my favorite time of year, and I am glad to see it has arrived. Fall is an active time for cattle marketing, active for the Virginia Beef Industry Council promoting beef in coordination with numerous seasonal consumer events, and a time to engage with lawmakers as bills for the upcoming General Assembly are finalized for filing by Christmas.

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Angus Business Looses Brred Icon, Joe Bill Meng Passes

Angus Business Looses Brred Icon, Joe Bill Meng Passes

He worked and lived on the Meng family farm in Woodburn for many years and built the Angus herd into a nationally respected seed stock producer. He was known throughout the purebred cattle industry as an expert in Angus pedigrees and cow families and was a respected judge, consultant and breeder who served on the boards of both the Kentucky and American Angus Associations and was an inductee in the Angus Heritage Foundation. He managed the American Angus Futurity for many years and promoted the breed with a fervor matched only by his love of college basketball and music.

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Looking to save money? It’s foolish to cut preg-checking

Looking to save money? It’s foolish to cut preg-checking

W. Mark Hilton

Beef Magaizne

As cattle margins tighten, there is a temptation to cut costs to improve profits … and I’m all in favor of it if the cost cutting actually makes your beef business stronger.

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Montana rancher’s Highland cattle reach national businesses

Montana rancher’s Highland cattle reach national businesses

Madison Dapcevich

Prairie Business

A man as unique as the Highland cattle herd he manages, Wally Congdon, is an accomplished Montana attorney and the owner and operator of Big Sky Natural Beef. From raising to finishing, Congdon does it all on his western Montana ranch, and has created a market for his grass-fed, all natural Highland beef around the U.S.

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4 questions to ask before marketing 2016 calves

4 questions to ask before marketing 2016 calves

Harlan Hughes

Beef Magazine

As ranchers think about marketing 2016 calves, it might be worthwhile to review their 2015 marketing strategies. My study eastern Wyoming-western Nebraska rancher marketed his calves in October 2015 for a reasonably good price.

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In Rural Indiana, Farm Veterinarians In Short Supply And High Demand

In Rural Indiana, Farm Veterinarians In Short Supply And High Demand

Annie Ropeik

Indiana has a shortage of farm veterinarians — and that strain could get worse in January when new rules for food animal antibiotics use take effect. The change will mean more demand for veterinarians in rural Indiana.

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Proposed Estate Tax Regulations Threaten Family Businesses

Proposed Estate Tax Regulations Threaten Family Businesses


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association along with more than 3,800 organizations and family-owned enterprises sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew adamantly opposing and asking for withdrawal of the newly proposed estate tax regulations by the Department of Treasury. The proposed regulations under section 2704 of the Internal Revenue Code would permanently change estate planning for families that own a controlling interest in a privately-held entity.

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