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Mark Parker:  Farewell to Top 10

Mark Parker:  Farewell to Top 10


What’s the opposite of a fan club? Whatever it is, I have one. Last week I ran my several-hundred-and-somethingth Top 10 list and tipped over the social media beehive.

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Look backward at beef industry

Look backward at beef industry

Hannah Johlman

Agri View

Cattle producers have focused on quality from the beginning. Success at delivering cattle that perform for the next owner has kept them in business through market ups and downs.

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Responding to animal health emergencies

Responding to animal health emergencies

Morning AG Clips

For animal health officials, producers and veterinarians, a timely, coordinated and effective response to a multi-state animal health emergency is imperative to supporting the continuity of business that food animal industries so heavily rely upon.

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Zero tolerance for drugs in livestock shows

Zero tolerance for drugs in livestock shows

Ashley Langreck


When it comes to showing livestock at the Indiana State Fair the rule is simple — usage of any drugs in show animals, legal or not, is strictly prohibited. Bill Leininger, president of the fair board, said the fair has a zero-tolerance policy for drug use in animals, which is why it has developed an intensive drug screening program to test animals that are shown at the fair.

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Bill of Sale is an important document when selling livestock directly to consumers

Bill of Sale is an important document when selling livestock directly to consumers

On the Farm Radio

As demand for local foods continues to increase, many cattle producers tell University of Tennessee Extension specialists that they are noting a corresponding increase in demand for locally grown beef.

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Take stock and begin piling

Take stock and begin piling

Mike Rankin

Hay and Forage Grower

If you’re in the business of harvesting forage with machines of the hooved variety, then you probably don’t like to feed forage that was harvested with those that roll on two or four tires. Other than the Deep South, the latter becomes a necessary evil at some point in the winter, but minimizing those days into stored feed has a big impact on the bottom line.

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The Fallacy of Factory Farming

The Fallacy of Factory Farming

Facts about Beef

While myths like factory farming seed the idea that the beef community is run only by large corporations, the truth is that the beef community is comprised of the nearly 1 million U.S. cattle farmers and ranchers who blend time-honored traditions with modern innovation to provide high-quality beef.

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Beef production improved with essential oils in cattle diets

Beef production improved with essential oils in cattle diets

Aerin Curtis

Feed Navigator

A team of international researchers from Spain and Brazil examined the use of an essential oil blend in the diet of beef cattle. The group published their results in the journal of Meat Science.

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How Heat Stress Reduces Reproduction Rates in Dairy and Beef Cows

How Heat Stress Reduces Reproduction Rates in Dairy and Beef Cows

Business Wire

Heat stress and higher than normal core body temperatures reduce reproductive performance of dairy and beef cows according to three new reports from TechMix Global. The first two reports measure the impact of core body temperatures and reproduction rates completed by the University of Puerto Rico and at two different dairy field trials in Spain.

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Ohio Cattlemen’s Conference helps young cattlemen develop industry leadership skills

Ohio Cattlemen’s Conference helps young cattlemen develop industry leadership skills

Ohio’s Country Journal

The 2016 Ohio Cattlemen’s Foundation Young Cattlemen’s Conference (YCC) hosted 18 cattlemen and women for a 3-day leadership development program in Columbus and the central Ohio areas, Aug. 18-20. The conference was made possible by Farm Credit Mid-America and the Ohio Soybean Council.

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