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Baxter Black, DVM:  Coup De Grace

Baxter Black, DVM:  Coup De Grace

“Well, at least it isn’t broken,” he said as he wiped his face

            With his good arm. “Although it might be a smidgen outta place.

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The lowdown on preconditioning calves

The lowdown on preconditioning calves

Jennifer Blair

Canadian Cattleman

“The producer realized that the more days he preconditioned those calves, the more money he made,” Dr. Mark Hilton, a veterinarian with Elanco Animal Health, said at the U of C Veterinary Medicine Beef Cattle Conference.

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Straight From D.C.: Where do Clinton, Trump land on ag issues?

Straight From D.C.: Where do Clinton, Trump land on ag issues?

Stephanie Mercier


The 2016 U.S. general election occurs Tuesday, Nov. 8, and while there has been relatively little discussion of specific farm policy issues by either candidate, they have weighed in on a number of matters of importance to farmers throughout the campaign so far.

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Young farmer, cattle dead after pit agitated

Young farmer, cattle dead after pit agitated

Jane Fyksen


Storing and handling manure comes with the territory of raising livestock, perhaps desensitizing farmers to the dangers manure can pose. Manure turned deadly Aug. 15 for a 29-year-old Amherst farmer and some of his cattle. Unusual weather conditions prevented dissipation of gas given off by a manure pit. Michael Biadasz, a beef farmer and custom-operator, was overcome and found dead.

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Big feeder cattle gain value

Big feeder cattle gain value

Beef Producer

The value of heavy feeder cattle versus lighter feeders has been growing the past couple months for several reasons. One reason is the desire by feedlots to turn over cattle more quickly, says Derrell Peel, Oklahoma State University extension livestock marketing specialist. He adds that higher value on heavier cattle suggest cow-calf operators may want to retain ownership through the stocker phase to add income.

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Feedyard Foodie:  Return on Investment…

Feedyard Foodie:  Return on Investment…

Anne Burkholder

Less than a week after graduating from Dartmouth College, I put on my jeans and went to work at the cattle feed yard.  I knew almost nothing about taking care of cattle, but I packed my integrity and my work ethic in order to learn the job.  Looking back over the past two decades, I would like to think that I have transitioned into a savvy cattle caregiver — learning from my animals and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

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Observation is the key to being a good ranch manager

Observation is the key to being a good ranch manager

Burt Rutherford

Beef Magazine

Years ago, Dan E. Gary asked a question to a man he considered a great ranch manager: What separates the great ranch managers from the average ranch managers? He thought for just a few seconds and responded, “observation.”

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Antibiotics in feed: A brief history

Antibiotics in feed: A brief history


This animated video, which goes through the history of antibiotics in feed in under four minutes, follows a timeline from the discovery of penicillin in 1928 to current consumer concerns about the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture, setting the scene for a new period of change.

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Drought conditions making it tough for cattle farmers

Drought conditions making it tough for cattle farmers

Donny Karr

Douglas County Sentinel

Cattle farmers in Carroll County are experiencing a more difficult summer as local drought conditions continue to affect the region. According to a U.S. Drought Report released on Aug. 18 by the National Drought Mitigation Center, Carroll County is currently in the midst of a severe drought.

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South Florida’s Seminole Cowboys: Cattle Is ‘In Our DNA’

South Florida’s Seminole Cowboys: Cattle Is ‘In Our DNA’

Jacki Lyden

National Public Radio

Recently, on a hot summer morning with cumulus clouds towering overhead, black cattle grazed in South Florida fields, dotting the horizon along with clumps of palm trees. At the Big Cypress Reservation, Moses Jumper is a tribal elder and owner of nearly 300 head — and a fourth-generation cattleman.

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