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Beef Roundtable: Where are the premiums in the feeder cattle market?

Beef Roundtable: Where are the premiums in the feeder cattle market?

This edition of the Beef Roundtable, the second in a series that looks at ways to make the market work for you, explores those questions and more. This month’s video delves into the feeder cattle market with Jennifer Houston and Jim Collins.

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BeefTalk: Dreams, Opportunity Make the Future

BeefTalk: Dreams, Opportunity Make the Future

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist NDSU Extension Service

Dreams are part of the human psyche, framed by thoughts, ambitions and hopes of our current and past situations. But at day’s end, one needs to ask, “What happened to my morning dream? Did I make progress? Did I lose it? Did I sell it?” After all, others need what we have; therefore, if we are not careful, at day’s end, we find out we sold our dream.

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New bovine corona virus vaccine to launch in October

New bovine corona virus vaccine to launch in October

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

Participants in the recent Academy of Veterinary Consultants (AVC) summer meeting in Kansas City had a “sneak peek” at Bovilis, a new vaccine from Merck Animal Health, to combat the effects of bovine corona virus (BCoV). The new modified-live intra-nasal vaccine is scheduled for launch in October, labeled for use against enteric disease.

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Before it gets dry …

Before it gets dry …

R. P. "Doc" Cooke

Beef Producer

  When I wrote this in mid-June I noticed it had been getting daylight before 5 a.m. since early May and now it’s 8:30 p.m. before we think seriously about a bite of supper. The sun came beaming through my door before 6 this morning. Spring was quickly jumping into summer. We finished April with less than 20% of our normal moisture. The biggest rain event of May was 6/10 inch and now we are having near 90-degree days and they last 14 hours.

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Cattle producers discuss importance of record keeping

Cattle producers discuss importance of record keeping

Tri State Neighbor

“The trend is on for producers to document how they raise their cattle,” Beth Doran, beef program specialist with ISU Extension and Outreach said. “Our beef producers are serious about raising cattle in a manner that is sustainable and that results in safe, high quality beef.”

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Willie Altenburg Joins Select Sires as Beef Development Advisor

Willie Altenburg Joins Select Sires as Beef Development Advisor

Select Sires has hired Willie Altenburg as beef development advisor. His role will include assisting member cooperative employees with developing independent beef representatives and enhancing beef sales. Additionally, Altenburg will acquire sires for the beef program.

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Fighting pink eye in cattle

Fighting pink eye in cattle

Connor Orrock


While the summer months are winding down pink eye can still be a concern for cattle producers. A.J. Tarpoff, K-State Research and Extension beef veterinarian, has tips to help minimize the effects of this disease in cattle.

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Keeping animals safe during fair

Keeping animals safe during fair

Nicole Heslip

Brownfield AG News

A veterinarian says when people and animals come together during fair week there’s a greater risk for zoonotic diseases.

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Online U.S. cattle auctions set to resume as government examines markets

Online U.S. cattle auctions set to resume as government examines markets


An online U.S. cattle auction that ranchers and traders hope will restore transparency to livestock pricing and reduce volatility in futures contracts is set to resume operations in September following a three-month halt, its owner said on Thursday, Aug. 18.’

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Could Less Gassy Livestock Be a Cash Cow?

Could Less Gassy Livestock Be a Cash Cow?

Jason L Strongin


The hamburgers and cheese that come from U.S. cattle may be favorite fare at many summer cookouts, but the methane the same cows produce is significantly less appetizing.

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