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Beef Fest celebrates Kansas’ grass cattle industry

Beef Fest celebrates Kansas’ grass cattle industry

High Plains Journal

The 30th Annual Flint Hills Beef Fest of Emporia is planned for Aug. 19 to 21. This event is a celebration of the Kansas grass cattle industry. There are events for everyone in the family to enjoy. The festival begins Aug. 19 with the Beef Fest Barbecue Cook-off contest. The state sanctioned barbecue cook off starts with check in and inspection at 9 a.m. Judging will take place starting at noon on Aug. 20. New this year will be a ground beef contest and a pet polooza parade.

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Bowman joins American Simmental Association

Bowman joins American Simmental Association

Southern Livestock

Luke Bowman has recently joined the American Simmental Association (ASA)  as Director of Commercial and Industry Relations. In this position, Luke will play a major role in furthering ASA’s vision, a vision centered on increasing beef industry profitability via science and technology. Bowman will be based out of his home in Greens Fork, Indiana.

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Things to get done before summer comes to a close

Things to get done before summer comes to a close

Dr. Eric Knock

Tri-State Neighbor

We are now in the middle of fair season, which means that summer is drawing nearer to a close. I don’t know about you, but my summer project to-do list probably is longer now than it was this spring. I guess that means not everything will get done, so we need to prioritize the list and accomplish what we can.

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Expected Forage Establishment Costs

Expected Forage Establishment Costs

Jon Biermacher, Jason Bradley and James Rogers

Noble Foundation

It is that time of year when producers in the region make preparations to establish winter cereal pasture for stocker cattle to graze over the cool-season months. At the Noble Foundation, we establish several hundred acres of cereal pasture at multiple locations for many stocker cattle grazing research studies.

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Bull selection BOLTs into the future

Bull selection BOLTs into the future

Doug Rich

High Plains Journal

Two recent developments could have a long-term positive effect on the beef industry. First was the formation of the International Genetic Solutions. Second was the development of BOLT, which stands for Biometric Open Language Tools.

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Backgrounding Calves: Opportunities and Risks

Backgrounding Calves: Opportunities and Risks

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Some producers background their own calves, retaining ownership until and sometimes through the finishing phase, and some purchase light calves to background. Terry Klopfenstein, professor emeritus at the University of Nebraska, has done several research studies on backgrounding calves and says there are lots of opportunities for backgrounding, especially if a producer has some niches with certain feedstuffs they can utilize.

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Dry Summer Makes Grazing a Challenge

Dry Summer Makes Grazing a Challenge

Lancaster Farming

The lack of rain this season doesn’t make any part of growing anything easy. That includes raising forages and producing something decent for livestock to graze. Penn State Extension and the Pennsylvania Grazing Lands Coalition presented a grazing workshop on July 27 at the Double B Grain Farm in McAlisterville.

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Deciphering the cryptic code of cattle brands

Deciphering the cryptic code of cattle brands

James Nason

Beef Central

Dick Sternberg and Sean Morrissey with the Morrisey & Co forge at Jandowae where tens of thousands of cattle brands have been forged over the past 100 years. From lazy As and tumbling Bs to crazy Ys and rocking Zs, reading cattle brands is like deciphering a cryptic code.

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Kobe beef continues the fight against counterfeits

Kobe beef continues the fight against counterfeits

J.C. Reid

Houston Chronicle

If you’ve never tried Kobe beef, you should. It’s one of the rarest types of beef produced, with a flavor and texture that combines the richness of butter with the intense meatiness of the best steak you’ve ever tasted.

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Buying Your Beef Right on the Farm

Buying Your Beef Right on the Farm

Christopher Brooks

New York Times

Few meat eaters would ever confuse towns such as Griswold and Cornwall with Texas locales like Abilene or Amarillo, but as different as they may be, those places do have one thing in common: cattle ranching.

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Beef production needs stronger ethics, not tougher regulations

Beef production needs stronger ethics, not tougher regulations

Pearson King

The Post and Courier

Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

Beef cattle production gets a bad rap and not without reason. The vast majority of cows raised in the U.S. for beef are incredibly resource-consumptive, and cows do produce methane at an alarming rate. But the blame doesn’t fall on the cows here.

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