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Cows’ summer heat stress increases when grazing toxic fescue pastures.

Cows’ summer heat stress increases when grazing toxic fescue pastures.

Duane Dailey

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

The summer slump in cool-season grass growth got a knockout punch from heavy rains in July across much of Missouri. Good growth for most grasses won’t be good for toxic tall fescue pastures, says Craig Roberts, University of Missouri Extension forage specialist. “Keep your eyes open,” Roberts tells cow herd owners. “The rapid grass growth makes more toxin in fescue leaves.”

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Could the smallest cows make the most profit?

Could the smallest cows make the most profit?

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

Researcher Derek Scasta led a team examining a size-stratified group of cows on the University of Wyoming’s research range facilities. The herd is wintered on one ranch at lower elevation and grazed through the summer and fall at higher elevation on a different location — fairly typical for western ranch management.

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Substituting with wheat in livestock rations

Substituting with wheat in livestock rations

Nicole Heslip

Brownfield AG News

Chris Reinhardt with K-State says wheat’s nutritional feeding value is five to ten percent higher than corn for cattle. While he doesn’t recommend switching from 100 percent dry rolled corn to dry rolled wheat, he says cattle can adapt to diets of 35 to 50 percent

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A Texan way of life under assault

A Texan way of life under assault

Rick Jervis

USA Today

I visited places like Johnson City, Stonewall and Vanderpool and spoke with cattle ranchers who were selling off chunks of their herds because their land was too parched to feed them. The drought was bad, but ranching had been tough for years, many of them told me, and a lot of their sons and daughters were refusing to inherit the rough life of a rancher. Texas cattle ranching, it seemed, was steadily fading.

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Cattle farmers from three states come to Abingdon

Cattle farmers from three states come to Abingdon

Lee Owens


Cattle farmers from Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina attended the yearly Tri-State Beef Cattle conference. The farmers learned about new technologies and how to work more efficiently. They also discussed the outlook for the industry.

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High-sugar forages give beef a boost

High-sugar forages give beef a boost

Robert Arnason

The Western Producer

Studies show energy dense feed is easier for cattle to digest and improves rumen health and weight gain.  On a hot, bordering on stifling July day in western Manitoba, the Boston plantain in Juanita Kopp’s hand was obviously suffering.

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Feed barometers gauge regional feedstuffs value for cattle producers

Feed barometers gauge regional feedstuffs value for cattle producers

Aerin Curtis

Feed Navigator

These feed barometers seek to give farmer a general idea of their regional feed ingredient and forage prices and how those costs translate into value for beef cattle based on their cost per unit of energy, protein and fiber, said Lisa Norton, vice-president of BioZyme.

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The Right Chemistry: Beefs with beef

The Right Chemistry: Beefs with beef

Joe Schwarcz

Montreal Gazette

Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

hese days, a lot of people have a beef with beef. There is the ethical issue of raising animals for slaughter, an issue that cannot be settled by science. But science can certainly provide insight into the environmental impact of raising livestock, as well as into questions about the effects of eating beef on our health.

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ISU series to help industry prepare for veterinary feed directive

ISU series to help industry prepare for veterinary feed directive

Chris Clark, Sherry Hoyer

Iowa Beef Center

Are you prepared for implementation of the Veterinary Feed Directive on January 1, 2017? Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, Iowa Farm Bureau, and the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association are partnering to offer an educational series about the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD). Iowa State Extension beef program specialist Chris Clark said Iowa veterinarians, livestock producers, and feed industry personnel are invited to participate.

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CME Group announces changes to address cattle market volatility

CME Group announces changes to address cattle market volatility


CME Group announced today new changes seeking to further stabilize the cattles futures market. The new measures are a result of continued collaboration with and feedback from the cattle industry, as well as the results from an independent study conducted by Informa Economics, CME said.

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