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Canadian Stockman Icon Bob Gordon, Passes

Canadian Stockman Icon Bob Gordon, Passes

Robert (Bob) Henry Gordon, beloved husband, father and grandfather passed away peacefully July 29, 2016, in Boissevain, Manitoba, Canada. Bob demonstrated a lifelong commitment to advancement of agriculture and served as role model for others. He served on many boards and associations, such as the Manitoba Cattle Producers Association, which initiated the Douglas Bull Test Station, where his foresight and involvement along with his fellow cattlemen helped to move the cattle industry forward.

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Guidelines for culling cows

Guidelines for culling cows

Keith Martin


According to the latest K-State Farm management records, it costs at least $700 or more to maintain a cow per year. I am sure everyone still reading is thinking well I spend way less than that on my cows! Did you consider costs of equipment, depreciation and repairs, unpaid operator labor, interest? What about pasture costs? Just as I thought.

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Southern Indiana field day to focus on forage, grazing topics for livestock

Southern Indiana field day to focus on forage, grazing topics for livestock

Jessica Merzdorf

Ag Answers

Experts from throughout the Midwest will discuss the latest livestock pasturing trends and topics during the Dubois-Perry-Spencer Greener Pastures Field Day. The event will be held at 6 p.m. EDT Aug. 23 at the Marion McMurtrie Trust Farm, 7827 W. Old Road 64, in Holland. Session topics include watering systems, pasture renovations and construction, and alternative feed sources, such as annuals, cover crops and crop residues.

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Managing beef cow margins: Grazing cost

Managing beef cow margins: Grazing cost

Derrell S. Peel


Cow-calf revenues have decreased dramatically in the past few months and are expected to remain lower for the next couple of years. Producers must focus more attention on cost management to help maintain net returns in this environment.

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Why is Ground Beef Brown in the Middle?

Why is Ground Beef Brown in the Middle?

Dr. Marybeth Feutz


We have all done it… bought a package of ground beef at the grocery store. It looks nice and red in the package. You take it out of the package to make hamburger patties or to brown it in a skillet and… it’s brown on the inside, even though it is a beautiful red on the outside. What’s going on? Is brown ground beef safe to eat? Should you eat brown ground beef? Is your butcher trying to trick you?

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Red Reform: Turning a Black Herd RED

Red Reform: Turning a Black Herd RED

Tracey Koester

American Red Angus Magazine

Ranchers across the country are reforming their cowherd, observing the value of Red Angus genetics and electing to convert their blackhided cowherds to red. This is more than just a color choice – it is a cognizant effort to create useful females, improve heat and insect tolerance, enhance convenience traits and strengthen marketability. The reformation centers around registered Red Angus bulls, developing generation after generation of consistent, efficient, quality cows that raise marketing-topping steers and heifers.

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Cattle groups unhappy with Brazilian beef announcement

Cattle groups unhappy with Brazilian beef announcement

Ken Anderson

Brownfield AG News

U.S. cattle organizations are not happy with the USDA’s decision to allow imports of fresh and frozen beef from Brazil. The agency announced yesterday that the two countries have agreed to open up their respective markets to fresh beef exports. In making the announcement, USDA said its Food Safety and Inspection Service has determined that Brazil’s food safety system for meat meets U.S. standards.

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Reduce calving interval, increase profit per cow

Reduce calving interval, increase profit per cow

Harlan Hughes

Beef Magazine

As beef cattle prices work their way down in the current cattle cycle, it behooves ranchers to focus on lowering costs of production. In all my years of working with ranchers on costs of production, I found that the most common way to lower production costs is to increase production per cow.

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Entries Being Accepted for 2016 World Beef Expo

Entries Being Accepted for 2016 World Beef Expo

Wisconsin Ag Connection

Officials from World Beef Expo say entries are now being accepted for the 2016 competition, which takes place September 23-25 at Wisconsin State Fair Park near Milwaukee. Beef cattle of all breeds are being welcome to complete in both the Open Show and Junior Show.

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Ranchers come from near and far for A&M’s Beef Cattle Short Course

Ranchers come from near and far for A&M’s Beef Cattle Short Course

Steve Kuhlmann

The Eagle

The 2016 Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course got underway on the university campus Monday, with a record attendance of roughly 1,900 ranchers.

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