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BeefTalk: Sustainable Soil and Integrated Beef Systems

BeefTalk: Sustainable Soil and Integrated Beef Systems

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Forward thinking is important in beef production. The focus in beef production is how to raise the best, most marketable, most tender, best-tasting beef and, in some cases, simply another beef cow or bull. At the end of the day, the word “production” needs to be replaced with the word “business.”

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Extreme Heat and the Livestock Indemnity Program

Extreme Heat and the Livestock Indemnity Program

Jay Parsons

University of Nebraska

With the extreme conditions we have been experiencing this summer, it is important producers diligently document and report their death losses for possible Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) payments.

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Should You Opt for the Legume? Adding Cowpeas to Forage Sorghum

Should You Opt for the Legume? Adding Cowpeas to Forage Sorghum

Genevieve Slocum

On Pasture

Cowpeas are a viney summer annual legume that can climb, tolerate some shade, and fill in the spaces in a summer annual grass, so should you consider adding them to a stand of forage sorghum? The answer (as usual) contains many variables, with both pros and cons to weigh. Space is at stake and plants naturally expand to fill up the available space, but just as important is the competition for nutrients and water.

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Baling tips for superior hay quality

Baling tips for superior hay quality


Whether you choose large-round, large-square or small-square bales, making high-quality bales that preserve hay quality, maximize protection from the weather, and are easy to store or transport boils down to following a few rules.

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Is Now the Time to Retain Ownership of Cattle at the Feedlot

Is Now the Time to Retain Ownership of Cattle at the Feedlot

Oklahoma Farm Report

“It’s midsummer so it’s a hard time to put together a stronger market in general for cattle,” Peel said. “We’re just kind of marking time here. Numbers are slightly bigger and their going to continue to get bigger, so there will be a possibility for erosion of these prices as an underlying trend for many months ahead.”

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Several marketing options for cow-calf producers to consider.

Several marketing options for cow-calf producers to consider.

Katelyn Thompson

Michigan State University

Deciding how to market your calf crop is an important undertaking when considering the options available to cow-calf producers. Marketing your claves indicates that you are putting forethought and preparation into the product that you are offering to potential buyers. This forethought will ideally allow you to hone in on your target market and understand how you as the producer can meet the needs of your customer, whether they are a feedlot buyer or direct consumer. Deciding your target market has the ability to shape your operation, so it is important to identify and understand your market.

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Talk to vet before VFD takes effect

Talk to vet before VFD takes effect

Tom Steever

Brownfield Ag Network

With the Veterinary Feed Directive set to take effect within six months, livestock producers need to have a solid relationship with a vet.  Dr. Dave Pyburn with the National Pork Board tells Brownfield that by the first of the year, producers will have to have a vet’s say-so to use antimicrobial drugs in food animals.

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Imagine the US cow herd in 2036

Imagine the US cow herd in 2036

Doug Rich

High Plains Journal

“One thing we do well is produce cattle with tremendous capacity,” said Dave Lalman, Extension beef cattle specialist at Oklahoma State University. Aggressive selection for growth over time increased cattle finish weights by 9.42 pounds per year. If this trend continues, finished cattle will weigh on average 1,561 pounds by 2036.

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Why should your business support the local 4-H Livestock Auction?

Why should your business support the local 4-H Livestock Auction?

Natalie Nicole Harris


Why support 4-H?

Before you read this please know it is coming from my point of view as a past 10 year 4-H member, current 4-H volunteer and parent of a current 4-H’er! My thoughts are based off my experience and love for this organization! As a successful business woman I have supported and purchased many animals on behalf of my employers in the past.

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Top 10 issues facing beef producers

Top 10 issues facing beef producers

Amanda Radke

Beef Magazine

2016 came to the fore with the warm glow of profits the previous two years still fresh on the minds of beef producers. As the year progressed, however, market volatility became pronounced, a very unusual presidential primary season caused heads to shake and spring rains fell, sometimes far too much.

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