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BeefTalk: Tag Calves for Maximum Marketing Opportunities

BeefTalk: Tag Calves for Maximum Marketing Opportunities

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Summer is here, and soon this year’s calves will leave home. Astute cow-calf sellers know now is the time to maximize the number of marketing programs for their calves. This is not too early to be checking marketing outlets to see how the calves should be identified so every sales opportunity can be realized, which pays out value that, in the end, increases net profit.

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Why Thinking Globally Matters

Why Thinking Globally Matters

Larry Corah


U.S. beef is not as dependent on the outside world as other meats like pork or poultry, but exports still command beef-industry attention. CattleFax estimates those sales add $240 to each fed steer sold, and multiplied by 24 or 25 million fed cattle each year, that’s nearly $6 billion coming into the United States from outside our borders.

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Keep Trouble Outside the Fence

Keep Trouble Outside the Fence

Barb Baylor Anderson

Progressive Farmer

When Kniebel Cattle Company joined a value-added marketing program, it took a fresh look at its herd health plan. The Kniebels were concerned something as common as trichomoniasis or bovine viral diarrhea might be a stumbling block from which it would be hard for their operation to recover. As a precaution, they added an extra layer of biosecurity.

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14 thoughts to help get those heifers bred

14 thoughts to help get those heifers bred

Burke Teichert

Beef Magazine

In nearly five years of writing these columns, I have received more questions, comments and thank you emails regarding my recommendation to reduce bull exposure for yearling heifers to 24-30 days than for any other idea. I started out recommending 30 days because that is what I had done for a number of years.

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Combating heat stress using genetics

Combating heat stress using genetics

Megan Rolf

Progressive Cattleman

The thermometer is nearing 100; the heat index is even higher than that; and we notice that our cattle are suffering the effects. The time to begin thinking about heat stress in our herds was months ago. While you can implement some mitigation techniques immediately, your blueprint for managing heat stress should be formulated now for the future.

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To Mow, or Not to Mow . . . the Pasture?

To Mow, or Not to Mow . . . the Pasture?

Victor Shelton

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

I could easily talk about the weather. It seems to be a very popular subject no matter the setting. It certainly influences when we can do things, often messing with getting things done during the best timeframe.

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Temple Grandin On Why Slaughterhouses Have ‘Gotten So Good’

Temple Grandin On Why Slaughterhouses Have ‘Gotten So Good’

Sam Brasc

Colorado Public Radio

What if slaughterhouses had glass walls? Animals rights activists think there would be more vegetarians if that was the case. It is also partially why they film and release undercover videos of animal abuse. Colorado State University professor Temple Grandin has advocated transparency as well, but for a different reason. She thinks the meat industry should show off the progress it has made on animal welfare, progress which Grandin has contributed to.

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Upper East Tennessee Cattleman’s Tour to Montana

Upper East Tennessee Cattleman’s Tour to Montana

Rick Thomason

The Tomahawk

A group of 40 producers and their families recently participated in the Upper East Tennessee Cattleman’s Tour to Montana during the week of July 4-9, 2016. The tour was organized by Rick Thomason, UT/TSU-Johnson County Extension Director. Also assisting with the tour was Chris Ramsey who serves as the Extension Director in Sullivan County. The group flew into Billings, MT on Monday, July 4th and spent the rest of the week touring many sites of interest.

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Farmer Feeder Profitability Webinar

Farmer Feeder Profitability Webinar


Can SMALL feeders really get BIG returns? The Free Farmer Feeder Profitability Webinar is designed to help you get big returns even if cattle are a small part of your business. Join us to learn about SMALL improvements that are making a BIG difference for farmer feeders around the country.

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MSU Extension beef cattle specialists to host statewide veterinary feed directive meetings

MSU Extension beef cattle specialists to host statewide veterinary feed directive meetings

Montana State University

Montana State University Extension beef cattle specialists will host summer meetings across Montana to help livestock producers understand a new ruling by the United States Food and Drug Administration concerning feed-grade antibiotics.

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