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Baxter Black, DVM: Whoa, Mule!

Baxter Black, DVM:  Whoa, Mule!

I finally collected enough first hand reports to answer the age-old question, “How do you stop a runaway mule?”

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Producer praises South Devon genetics in herd

Producer praises South Devon genetics in herd

Jeff DeYoung

Iowa Farmer Today

Dave Nichols has never been afraid to try something different. And the veteran cattleman will be the first to admit he has made some mistakes. But, he says, bringing South Devon genetics into his Southwest Iowa herd was not one of them. Nichols has been in the purebred Angus business for several decades, and many years ago introduced Simmental genetics into his operation.

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Drylot Feeding Cows in the Summer may be Cost Competitive with Grazing Pasture under Current Feed Prices

Drylot Feeding Cows in the Summer may be Cost Competitive with Grazing Pasture under Current Feed Prices

University of Nebraska

The results of this study showed that year-round intensive management of beef cows in a dry lot to be the most expensive production system. However, the intensive management system utilizing corn stalk grazing along with distillers grains supplement and summer dry lot feeding was very cost competitive with conventional production systems.

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Identify prussic acid versus nitrate poisoning

Identify prussic acid versus nitrate poisoning

Beef Producer

Prussic acid and nitrates have similar deadly consequences when cattle graze heat/drought-stressed crops or hay, but they are different in their causes and effects. Prussic acid and nitrates can occur together or separately in any drought-stress situation.

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Increasing Income with Stocker Cattle

Increasing Income with Stocker Cattle

Michael Baker

Farming Magazine

Running a profitable stocker cattle calls for a balance of performance and budgeting with a focus on the expenses. A report from Texas A&M University provided a method to analyze these type of expenses. As the table below shows, I took the liberty of updating the budget to today’s standards and repeated the analysis.

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Storing Hay Properly

Storing Hay Properly

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

Hay is made to feed livestock in periods of forage dormancy. Many times hay is packaged in the form of a big round bale. This method of harvest is preferred by many farmers because of low labor needs and little need for facilities or infrastructure to feed the hay. One of the largest downfalls to hay in the round bale form is the weathering that occurs when the bales are stored outside.

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Skip Ahead in Herd Planning

Skip Ahead in Herd Planning

Miranda Reiman 

Angus Media

Previously, if you wanted to use a young bull, you either had to take a chance that it really did what it was predicted to do or wait around until there was enough data to strengthen the accuracy. Genomics can fast-forward that timetable, and a simple blood test improves accuracy that is equivalent to having 10 to 20 progeny records.

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Feedlot and Beef Cattle Master Hoof Care School scheduled in Amana

Feedlot and Beef Cattle Master Hoof Care School scheduled in Amana

Iowa Beef Center

Understanding causes of lameness and how to diagnose and treat those conditions is important to beef industry professionals for animal well-being and financial reasons. Beef cattle producers, feedlot operators, veterinarians and others who want to increase their knowledge are invited to attend a two-day Master Hoof Care school offered by Iowa State University August 23-24 at Amana Farms in Amana, Iowa.

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Uncommon cattle, Braunvieh, bring success to Humpin H Ranch

Uncommon cattle, Braunvieh, bring success to Humpin H Ranch

Jacque Hilburn-Simmons

Tyler Telegraph

Their unconventional breed raised a few eyebrows among veteran cattlemen, who tried unsuccessfully to steer the industry newcomers more toward common choices such as Angus and Hereford. Hall and brother, Steve, listened to the well-meaning advice, but ultimately the men chose a different cow trail.

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Cargill to offload cattle feedlots to Friona Industries

Cargill to offload cattle feedlots to Friona Industries

Oscar Rousseau

Global Meat News

Friona Industries is poised to snap up Cargill’s feedyards in Bovina and Dalhart, Texas, with the US meat processor planning to raise funds for investment across North America.

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