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Cattle producers should be aware of summer health issues

Cattle producers should be aware of summer health issues

Jennifer Carrico

High Plains Journal

Warmer summer temperatures does not mean cattle can’t get viruses or diseases that can cause major health problems. Cattle producers should continue to check herds even after the bulls are turned out.

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Chris Stephens Joins Angus Foundation

Chris Stephens Joins Angus Foundation

Oklahoma State alum will serve as assistant director of development. Wesson, Miss., native Chris Stephens will join the Angus Foundation as its new assistant director of development on July 1. In his new position, Stephens will assist the Angus Foundation in fundraising to help achieve the organization’s mission of advancing education, youth and research for the Angus breed and American Angus Association® members.

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Dairy cows larger portion of beef supply

Dairy cows larger portion of beef supply

Nicole Heslip

Brownfield AG Network

A livestock marketing specialist says dairy cows have made up a larger portion of the cattle supply the last two years because of lower beef inventories. Darrell Peel with Oklahoma State University tells Brownfield dairy cattle entered the beef market at much larger rate in 2014 and 2015.  “The beef side has been smaller, animal numbers have been down, and so the relative role of dairy has been bigger.”

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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 sources of farm truck dents and dings

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 sources of farm truck dents and dings


10. Mangled grill from helping the neighbor’s bull find his way home.

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Illinois: Rantoul Woman, Veterinarians Responded to Accident

Illinois: Rantoul Woman, Veterinarians Responded to Accident

Marcus Jackson

The News and Observer

"Just like any other emergency, if it had been a bus, you look around, check to see if the driver is OK, and any passengers," Allen said. "When I got out there, I could see the driver (Scott Lundeen), talked to him for just a moment to make sure he was OK and didn’t need to sit down because he had a concussion or something like that."

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Planning for fall calf marketing

Planning for fall calf marketing

Ken Olson

Southern Livestock

Even though fall calf sales seem a long way down the road, now is the time to plan for marketing. Being prepared with a marketing plan will allow you to take fullest advantage of prices and maximize the value received for your calves.

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Salty water causing issues for South Dakota cattle herds

Salty water causing issues for South Dakota cattle herds

Tri State Neighbor

Poor quality water is leading to blindness in some northwestern South Dakota livestock herds, and producers are encouraged to test their water sources for high salt levels. Sulfates have caused polio in some herds this year, and blindness has been reported, too, according to Robin Salverson, SDSU Extension cow-calf specialist.

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