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What information about minerals is on a feed tag?

What information about minerals is on a feed tag?

Rick Rasby

Angus Journal

Summer is here, and beef cows are grazing pasture. The only item that cows with calves at side should require as supplementation is a mineral-and-vitamin supplement. Being an informed buyer means that the mineral supplemented contains what is needed to balance out the nutrients in high-forage diets. At times, it can be confusing how to determine the intake of specific vitamins and minerals from a supplement. A feed tag will give an indication of the amount that should be consumed daily on a per-cow basis

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Producers mix fall, spring calving

Producers mix fall, spring calving

Benjamin Herrold

Iowa Farmer Today

Valerie Tate, a University of Missouri Extension ag specialist based in Linn County, has seen more producers going with fall calving.  “I think we’ve seen an increase in recent years (in fall calving),” she says.  “… We have a lot of both spring and fall calving — probably still a higher percentage of spring calving herds.”

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Summertime means heat stress in cattle

Summertime means heat stress in cattle

Earl Ward


It seems like we have missed a transition period on the temperatures and went straight from nice and 75 degrees to a scalding 90 degrees. These hot temperatures are not only hot on us, but it can be detrimental to your cattle.

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Fly sex and a golden goose

Fly sex and a golden goose

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

Politicians, anxious to position themselves as fiscally responsible, sometimes find convenient targets in basic research – the foundational studies that often need to take place well before practical applications. “Look what the government is funding,” they’ll procalim, while pointing to obscure research projects that can, to the general public, sound like a waste of time.

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Meat Stays On Military Menus

Meat Stays On Military Menus

Hoosier Ag Today

The House of Representatives recently passed the Defense Department Appropriations Act with an amendment that said meat will remain an option for members of the military. The amendment was offered by Nebraska Republican Adrian Smith, and it prohibits the Defense Department from excluding meat in its food service program manual.

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Free webinar available on forage crops toxic for cattle

Free webinar available on forage crops toxic for cattle


Growing cover crops offers potential benefits, including improved soil health, but some crops can pose a danger to foraging livestock. Those contemplating this decision should know that some plants that work well as cover crops may not be suitable for forage or grazing.

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DNA-to-dinner-plate cattle management

DNA-to-dinner-plate cattle management

Jennifer Archibald

Progressive Cattleman

On a shaky foundation, volatility in the cattle market has made it difficult if not impossible for cattle producers to forecast profits or to use the trembling futures market for any sort of price protection this year.

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