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Baxter Black, DVM: A Favor

Baxter Black, DVM:  A Favor

Have you ever had a simple gesture of kindness end up unappreciated?

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Turn Around Trouble on New Stockers

Turn Around Trouble on New Stockers

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

Pasture-based stockers like Keith Glover may be at the mercy of weather, but most will admit the No. 1 production headache they have year in and year out is health care. Bringing home 450- to 600-pound calves from his local sale barn can also mean bringing home a load of animals in bad need of deworming. Glover starts his program almost as soon as cattle hit his Greensboro, Ala., operation.

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Producers evaluate hay types for different needs

Producers evaluate hay types for different needs

Bill Tiedje

Iowa Farmer Today

Growing the ideal hay crop means growing the right type of hay for your farm. According to University of Wisconsin Extension Forage Agronomist Dan Undersander, each type of hay has its place — from high-yielding pure alfalfa stands to versatile grass-alfalfa mixes — depending on feeding needs and growing conditions.

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DNA-to-dinner-plate cattle management

DNA-to-dinner-plate cattle management

Jennifer Archibald

Progressive Cattleman

On a shaky foundation, volatility in the cattle market has made it difficult if not impossible for cattle producers to forecast profits or to use the trembling futures market for any sort of price protection this year. Squeezing margins and remaining profitable requires skilled management, peak efficiency and innovation.

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Gene editing research increases

Gene editing research increases

Southern Livestock

British animal genetics firm Genus is diving deeper into the hot area of gene editing, in a move Chief Executive Karim Bitar says will bring long-term gains at the cost of a hefty hike in research spending.

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Liens for Service of Stallions or Bulls

Liens for Service of Stallions or Bulls

Cari Rincker


Under Section 160 of NY Lien Law, the “owner of a stallion or bull shall have a lien on each mare or cow served together with the foal or calf of each mare or cow from such service, for the amount agreed on at the time of service. . .”

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Managing Heat Stress

Managing Heat Stress

Anne Burkholder

Feedyard Foodie

A combination of events provided motivation for the writing of this post.  I received a number of requests for information regarding dealing with heat stress over the past seven days from fellow cattlemen and blog followers.  In addition, I spent the latter part of the week and the weekend trying to effectively care for newly received fall calves experiencing severe heat stress due to grazing toxic fescue grass prior to shipment off of the ranch to my feed yard.

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Cover crops provide grazing opportunities

Cover crops provide grazing opportunities

Iowa State University

Cover crops have become quite popular in recent years, not only from a soil conservation and water quality perspective, but also due to their potential to be an additional forage source for livestock producers.

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Dairy influence on beef markets

Dairy influence on beef markets

Derrell S. Peel


Beef is a by-product of the dairy industry and rarely has a major influence on dairy industry production decisions.  However, dairy animals contribute a significant portion of total animal slaughter and beef supply.

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