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BeefTalk: Proper Achievement of Immunity in Cattle a Good Goal

BeefTalk: Proper Achievement of Immunity in Cattle a Good Goal

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

All dogs need a rabies vaccination regardless of condition, management or feeding program because the only defense against rabies is the maintenance of a good immune system. The need for a good immune system also is true for cattle. This discussion is for all living things, but for simplicity, let’s stick to cattle or those critters found near cattle.

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Consider a Summer Annual for Stored or Grazing Forage Needs

Consider a Summer Annual for Stored or Grazing Forage Needs

Rory Lewandowski,

The Ohio State University

No one knows for certain what the weather is going to do, but we do know that in a typical summer cool season forages in our pastures and hayfields have reduced growth and production.  For anyone looking for some extra forage production during the summer months, consider planting a warm season annual crop during June. Warm season annual forages thrive in summer heat, are drought tolerant, and can be used for either grazing or as a stored feed.

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Planning for Future Profitability

Planning for Future Profitability

Dr. Andrew Griffith

University of Tennessee

How far into the future do cattle producers plan in order to improve efficiency and profitability of the operation? Maybe the real question is how far into the future should a cattle producer plan to improve efficiency and profitability. The answer really depends on the different aspects of the operation being evaluated, but it is nonetheless an important answer to know.

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Prevention medicine promotes profits

Prevention medicine promotes profits

Beef Magazine

The value of prevention medicine in a cow-calf program can be summed up like this – sick calves just don’t pencil-out. They don’t gain like they should, medicine and doctoring chores add costs and there’s more of a chance they’ll die or develop chronic infections.

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Harvesting Sunlight

Harvesting Sunlight

Bruce Anderson

University of Nebraska

Free for the taking. Free lunch. Absolutely no cost. Something for nothing. Don’t you love it when you can get something for free?

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These Simple Steps Can Improve Livestock Distribution, Pasture Quality and Your Bottom Line

These Simple Steps Can Improve Livestock Distribution, Pasture Quality and Your Bottom Line

Kathy Voth 

On Pasture

Sean Kelly, extension range management specialist at South Dakota State University Extension, believes that livestock grazing distribution is something we should all work on because it maximizes how much forage your livestock eat, improves range health and, ultimately, adds up to more profit per acre.

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Don’t sell yourself short when determining the nutrient value of wheat straw.

Don’t sell yourself short when determining the nutrient value of wheat straw.

Paul Gross

Michigan State University

With wheat harvest right around the corner, the value of the straw is a very popular question. Over the past several years, baling and selling wheat straw has become a more common practice. While uses for wheat straw are varied, the increased demand is driven by livestock farms using straw as part of their feed rations.

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$CHB Program seeks Hereford cattle

$CHB Program seeks Hereford cattle

The Cattle Business Weekly

The American Hereford Association (AHA) is seeking to identify and promote high-quality groups of Hereford and Hereford-influenced feeder cattle to a growing number of reputable buyers. “As a growing number of commercial producers realize the benefits of incorporating Hereford genetics into their operations, the AHA recognizes the opportunity to provide service to those producers,” says Trey Befort, AHA director of commercial programs.

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Help your cattle beat the heat

Help your cattle beat the heat

Prairie Farmer

Summer is already here—maybe not quite by the calendar date yet (the first official day of summer is June 20), but the temperatures are starting to increase. After a cool spring that feels good to people, many cattle in the first week or two of June 2016 have not yet adapted to warmer weather and these animals still have remnants of a winter hair coat. For these cattle, the increasing temperature will be an unwelcome change.

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Check and protect your skin from the sun.

Check and protect your skin from the sun.

Barb Baylor Anderson

Angus Journal

When David Gazda served as president of the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association last year, he didn’t just talk about beef production. The American Angus Association regional manager wrapped up his talks with something more personal. He currently is in treatment for melanoma and is keen about raising awareness of skin cancer by sharing his experience.

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