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BeefTalk: What Am I Doing?

BeefTalk: What Am I Doing?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

“What am I doing?” The question came from a perplexed young student who was part of a school-sponsored field trip to the Dickinson Research Extension Center. These young people were spending the day in an agricultural environment, walking through our pastures and fields, as well as the farm shelter belts planted in the past decades. The students had so much to look at, to experience, to listen to, to speak about or to breathe in.

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Cattle disease continues to spread into Midwest

Cattle disease continues to spread into Midwest

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Network

The blood disease of cattle called anaplasmosis continues to spread from southern and western areas of the U.S. into the Midwest. Dr. Gregg Hanzlicek with the veterinary diagnostic lab at Kansas State University, says the disease causes severe and potentially fatal anemia in cattle. “For herds that are negative—like so many of our bovine diseases—the best thing, if they’re bringing animals from the outside in, is to have them tested before they bring them in. There are two really good, inexpensive blood tests that can be used,” Hanzlicek says. “So that’s number one—don’t purchase the disease.”

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Did you know… Maybe we need to set the target higher

Did you know… Maybe we need to set the target higher

Larry Corah

Minnesota Farm Guide

Speaking to cattle feeders more than 10 years ago, a distinguished professor of beef nutrition at South Dakota State University said, “Maybe we’re aiming at the wrong target. Instead of Choice, maybe it should be Prime.”

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Producers Should Evaluate Value of Creep Feeding Part 2

Producers Should Evaluate Value of Creep Feeding Part 2

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

In the last issue we started a discussion concerning creep feeding and an ongoing evaluation of the value of this practice in cow-calf production. The main question the producer has to ask is “if I decide to creep feed my calves will this result in higher weaning weights and will it be profitable?”

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A cattle supplement strategy for post breeding

A cattle supplement strategy for post breeding

Beef Magazine

When it comes to breeding, nutritional programs can be like spring; a little unpredictable. There’s been some recent attention on post-breeding nutrition, especially with heifers in regard to energy intake, grazing behavior and the effect on reproduction. In many areas, breeding occurs just before or at green grass turnout, and the risk associated with lush green grass not providing adequate energy for cattle at the onset of grazing.

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Watch for a lameness issue called corkscrew claw

Watch for a lameness issue called corkscrew claw

Glenn Selk

Bovine Veterinarian

Recently a cattle producer asked about a lameness issue of a cow in his herd.  There is no way to completely diagnose the problem via email.  However, his question encouraged a reminder about a lameness problem that can be troublesome for other cattlemen.

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Improving the quality of our beef

Improving the quality of our beef

Chuck Bell

Zanesville Times Recorder

For the past 150 years, beef cattle have been a major part of American agriculture. There are approximately 620,000 farms and ranches in the United States specializing in beef production with more than 30 million beef cattle across the country at any one time. (30,000 in Muskingum County). The top states in beef production are Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, California, and Oklahoma.

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What Is The Meaning Behind The Moo?

What Is The Meaning Behind The Moo?

Kristofor Husted

New Hampshire NPR

I drove out to the research farm at the University of Missouri to ask cattle geneticist Jared Decker to share his expert insights. "I can’t translate cow moos into English," he says. "But there are certain times when you can tell when the cattle are communicating with one another."

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BVD: Southeast stigma

BVD: Southeast stigma

Wyatt Bechtel


In many cattle circles, the Southeast region gets a bad reputation in regards to health and preconditioning. Commercial cow-calf producer Brian Bolt from Anderson, S.C., prides himself in changing that stigma placed on Southeast calves through a set vaccination and health program.

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Beef feedlots, packers on verge of economic comeback

Beef feedlots, packers on verge of economic comeback

Scott Brown

Prairie Farmer

The economic value generated by the beef industry has been on an uptrend during the last decade. And feedlot owners and packers may be on the verge of recovering from recent beef industry economic losses.

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