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Make sure livestock have safe supply of water when they go to pasture

Make sure livestock have safe supply of water when they go to pasture

Dale Hildebrant

Farm & Ranch Guide

The light snowfall across the region this past winter and the fact that much of the area was short on rainfall last fall means stock ponds didn’t receive the normal recharge of water this spring. And that could mean problems with the water supply once the cattle are turned out to pasture, according to Miranda Meehan, Extension livestock environmental stewardship specialist at North Dakota State University.

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Grassfed Beef: Challenges and Opportunities

Grassfed Beef: Challenges and Opportunities

Candace Krebs


The term “grassfed” is popular with beef consumers, translating to a premium of $2.50 to $3 a pound at retail, according to a survey compiled by Consumer Reports. But producing beef and other meats in a forage-only system poses unique challenges.

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Zoetis and Angus Genetics Inc. announce world’s largest beef cattle genomic calibration for GE-EPDs

Zoetis and Angus Genetics Inc. announce world’s largest beef cattle genomic calibration for GE-EPDs

Progressive Cattleman

Zoetis and Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) announced the completion of the world’s largest and most comprehensive genomic calibration for beef cattle and associated integration into genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences (GE-EPDs).

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Choose a Calving Date That Grows Good Calves With Low Inputs

Choose a Calving Date That Grows Good Calves With Low Inputs

Chip Hines

On Pasture

Time of calving has to be the first thing considered when moving from a high input operation to a management oriented low input method of raising cattle. So many things are connected to this timing that it creates a significant impact on other segments and compliments all procedures in the yearly cycle.

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Insect season approaches as anaplasmosis spreads

Insect season approaches as anaplasmosis spreads

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

A few years ago, many cattle producers in the Heartland had never heard of anaplasmosis. But now, when Kansas State University Extension planned a one-day seminar on the cattle disease, registration quickly exceeded the facility’s seating capacity, and the organizers added a webcast of the event to accommodate interested ranchers from Kansas and other states. The event, which took place in mid-May, attracted 164 live attendees and another 70 joined online.

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Poorly Executed Deworming in Your Beef Herd Can Hurt Your Bottom Line

Poorly Executed Deworming in Your Beef Herd Can Hurt Your Bottom Line

Oklahoma Farm Report

For a beef cattle producer, the reality is that parasites are a concern from the day that beef cow or stocker takes their first bite of grass to the day that they take their last bite of grass.

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Webinar introduces new Beef NRC book

Webinar introduces new Beef NRC book

Beef Producer

You can register now for the first of a series of webinars about the newly released Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle: Eighth Revised Edition (2016). The webinar is Wednesday, May 25, at noon (CST). Click this link to register for this free overview. This first webinar, organized by the American Society of Animal Science and sponsored by Zinpro, provides an introduction to the new nutritional guidelines by Mike Galyean, Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources at Texas Tech University.

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Beef Herd Thrives on Heritage of Conservation

Beef Herd Thrives on Heritage of Conservation

Lancaster Farming

Charles and Janice Graver are exemplars of good environmental practices on a beef operation. They graze 75 head of cattle through rotational pastures on their Bath property. Annual fields are sectioned off, and the cows are moved daily. Perennial fields are replanted and maintained every three years.

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Checkoff charade

Checkoff charade

Greg Henderson


It’s one of the wackiest items found on the Internet. After years of wrangling, whining and criticizing, R-CALF has launched another lawsuit aimed at destroying your checkoff. This time they’ve taken a play straight out of the HSUS manifesto – targeting a single state with hopes of creating a domino effect.

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Flies: More Than Just a Nuisance for Cattle

Flies: More Than Just a Nuisance for Cattle

Simon Kern


While the calendar may be telling us there are still a few more days of winter, it’s hard to deny it feels very much like spring across much of the Midwest. While spring may bring green grass and warmer temperatures, it also brings back one of the nastiest enemies known to the cattle industry. Flies.

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