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BeefTalk: Producers Worry, Calves Survive

BeefTalk: Producers Worry, Calves Survive

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Have you ever wondered why fish that are deprived of water die? For most, I doubt that you do because we all should know that a fish out of water dies. Perhaps it took a sad day growing up, when the goldfish was found at the bottom of the bowl, to realize someone did not hold up his or her commitment to the fish and provide water.

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VFD Coming, Get Boots on The Ground

VFD Coming, Get Boots on The Ground

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Years before there were acronyms like VCPR and VFD, Alabama veterinarian Ken McMillan was advocating the idea that cattle producers needed an ongoing relationship with their local large-animal practitioner and could greatly benefit from regular operation checks.

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Too much? Too little? Refine your search for the perfect minerals

Too much? Too little? Refine your search for the perfect minerals

Alan Newport

Beef Magazine

When you work on your mineral supplement program, don’t forget most livestock minerals come from forage and water. That’s also true both for shortages and excesses, reminds Jason Banta, beef cattle specialist for Texas AgriLife extension service at Overton, Texas.

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Trump puzzles some with his position on beef tariffs

Trump puzzles some with his position on beef tariffs

Cassidy Woolsey

Progressive Cattleman

“If you want to charge a tariff of 38 percent to Nebraska for its beef, then we’re going to charge you a tariff of 38 percent when you sell your cars to the United States,” Trump told the Nebraska audience, as quoted by Nebraska’s PBS and NPR stations.

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When is the Best Time of Day to Move Animals?

When is the Best Time of Day to Move Animals?

Jim Gerrish

On Pasture

A common question we hear at pasture walks or grazing seminars is when is the best time of day to move cattle to the next paddock. There are some who advocate moving in the afternoon based on the fact that energy content of forages peaks in mid-afternoon corresponding with peak photosynthesis.

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Why is early castration of bull calves important?

Why is early castration of bull calves important?

Brett Wessler


In the United States, more than 17 million bulls are castrated yearly that range in age from 1 day to 1 year old. It is well known that this procedure is painful and causes a period of slowed growth rate and poorer feed efficiency, especially if the procedure is delayed until the calves get older and heavier.

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Cull or keep after the first breeding season?

Cull or keep after the first breeding season?

Martha Hollida Garrett

Southern Livestock

The open heifer—she can be the future of your herd or a continued management liability throughout her tenure in the cowherd. Research points out that if she fails to breed the first time, then you can expect to have this battle repeatedly. A live calf continues to be the number one economic factor towards a ranch’s bottom line, so this underlines the added importance of this initial breeding, as it serves as key indicator for the future.

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Grassley says he’ll reintroduce packer ban legislation

Grassley says he’ll reintroduce packer ban legislation

Beef Producer

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican, said he will reintroduce legislation banning packer ownership of livestock in early 2017, according to WNAX Radio. National Farmers Union commended Grassley. “The livestock market today is heavily concentrated among a handful of conglomerates, and our family farmers and ranchers are forced to compete in an increasingly uneven playing field in the marketplace,” said NFU president Roger Johnson in a media statement.

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Ochsner to join Red Angus Marketing Team

Ochsner to join Red Angus Marketing Team

The Cattle Business Weekly

Red Angus Association of America CEO Tom Brink announcedthat Katie Ochsner, a native of Torrington, Wyoming, has been hired as a commercial marketing specialist. “We are excited to have Katie join the Red Angus team,” said Brink.  “She brings a well-rounded background of cattle production experiences to our marketing team and is ready to provide outstanding customer service to the commercial cattlemen seeking to gain the Red Angus advantage in their breeding programs.”

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Cattle feeding profit outlook brightens

Cattle feeding profit outlook brightens

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Network

Many cattle feeders have not seen a profit since December of 2014. But Purdue University ag economist Michael Langemeier says the picture is looking brighter.

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