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Baxter Black, DVM: Newborn Troubles

Baxter Black, DVM:  Newborn Troubles

Being born is a traumatic experience! I remember…no, I guess I don’t? It’s an amazing blessing that we can’t recall much about our first days of existence. 

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Talk to Your Vet

Talk to Your Vet

Jason Vance

Angus Journal

The clock is ticking for livestock producers as new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules go into effect in December governing all feed-grade and water-soluble antibiotics

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Excess protein not a problem this breeding season?

Excess protein not a problem this breeding season?

Patrick Gunn


Based on these data, when cattle are allowed to adapt to a nutritional management scheme prior to breeding and maintained on that diet through the first 21 d of the breeding season, blood urea nitrogen concentrations are not negatively associated with first-service pregnancy rates in beef heifers and cows.

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Recognizing the triggers of cattle stress

Recognizing the triggers of cattle stress

Kevin Spain

Progressive Cattleman

Many experts are now recommending that producers take steps to lower the stress of cows and calves. These recommendations are backed by research in the field regarding why cattle experience stress and the best practices for reducing this stress.

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Computers and robots keep farm profitable

Computers and robots keep farm profitable

Barbara Duckworth

The Western Producer

Embracing technology and sustainability has kept three families on one farm in central Alberta. For Calvert and Conlee Haustein, there was never any doubt they would join the operation that has been in the family for more a century.

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Denmark says you are ‘ethically obligated’ to eat less beef

Denmark says you are ‘ethically obligated’ to eat less beef

Max Bearak

Washington Post

The meat industry contributes more to greenhouse gas emissions than the combined exhaust from every form of transportation on Earth — a whopping fifth of the total. Beef is the biggest culprit, and it requires almost 30 times as much land and 11 times as much water to produce as pork or chicken.

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Pass it on! — Mushrush Red Angus

Pass it on! — Mushrush Red Angus

The Stock Exchange

From his family’s ranch in Chase County, Kansas, Joe Mushrush said he and his wife, Connie, “have told our kids that any of them that want to return to the ranch, that we would do our level best to make a spot for them.”

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Closing Ohio’s prison farms will halt a $9 million project

Closing Ohio’s prison farms will halt a $9 million project

Chris Kick

Farm and Dairy

The proposed closure and sale of Ohio’s 10 prison farms will affect some ongoing construction projects — including a $9 million project to build new dairy and beef facilities at two farms.

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Cattle Buyer Talks Factors Affecting Beef Prices

Cattle Buyer Talks Factors Affecting Beef Prices

Paul Post

Lancaster Farming

Spring and summer, when people fire up backyard barbecue grills, is high time for beef demand. Fifty producers turned out April 20 to learn how to maximize profits and the factors affecting beef prices. Cattle buyer Staclyn Snyder of Cargill Meat Solutions Inc. in Wyalusing, Pa., was the keynote speaker at the Eastern Region of the New York Beef Producers annual meeting in Ballston Spa.

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Bovine TB found in southeastern Indiana beef cattle herd

Bovine TB found in southeastern Indiana beef cattle herd

Fox 28

Indiana officials say a beef cattle herd in southeastern Indiana will be destroyed after the disease was found in six steers at a Pennsylvania slaughterhouse.

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