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Agriculture loses livestock leader with ‘big vision’

Agriculture loses livestock leader with ‘big vision’

Paul W. Jackson

Michigan Farm News

A man who changed the cattle industry died April 27.  Dr. Harlan Ritchie, Distinguished Professor of Animal Science at Michigan State University (MSU) was cited as a well-respected legend in the cattle industry by several people who knew him well, and his influence reached from Michigan around the world.

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BeefTalk: Farming, Ranching or Somewhere in Between

BeefTalk: Farming, Ranching or Somewhere in Between

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Producers welcomed spring snow and rain this week in preparation for maintaining or even increasing cattle inventory for the coming year. The extra heifers may find some good pasture this summer and, we hope, turn up pregnant this fall.

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Do you vaccinate your calves against respiratory disease?

Do you vaccinate your calves against respiratory disease?

Nevil Speer

Beef Magazine

During the past several weeks, Industry At A Glance has focused on BVD. It’s been highlighted as the result of a recent one-day industry symposium on BVD< in Kansas City hosted by the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, in partnership with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. The purpose of the symposium was to address producer education, prevention strategies and discuss industry-wide solutions going forward.

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The Checkoff Civil War

The Checkoff Civil War

John Harrington


Given how many states in recent years have decided to leave the checkoff union in terms of exceeding the long, long-held standard contribution of $1 per head, the beef industry seems to have a rebellion of sorts on its hands.

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What is Death Camas and why is it killing Montana cows?

What is Death Camas and why is it killing Montana cows?

David Murray

Great Falls Tribune

The slender green plant is known as Death Camas, and given the right environmental conditions it can easily live up to its ominous name. Over the past week, at least four cows in Yellowstone County have died after consuming lethal quantities of the plant. In one case a dead cow was found with a Death Camus plant still hanging out of its mouth.

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Fertilizing Forages: Using Nutrients Wisely

Fertilizing Forages: Using Nutrients Wisely

Mark Landefeld

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Applying fertilizers to hay and pasture fields to stimulate plant growth is a common practice to substantially increase forage yields.  This is a sound management practice if application is made in accordance with soil test results and or expected harvest yields.  Applying more nutrients than recommended from a soil test can be expensive and detrimental to the environment.

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Beef cattle system aims to improve calving ability

Beef cattle system aims to improve calving ability

The Cattleman

A patriotic color scheme used in a cattle production system study aims to make cow-calf production more efficient and ultimately produce more pounds of beef with fewer acres, according to researchers. The project is part of a broader scope of research studies led by Texas A&M AgriLife’s Sustainable Solutions for Beef Production Systems.

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Ride Along With The Cow Police

Ride Along With The Cow Police

Matt Wolfe

Oxford American

Cattle rustling, signature crime of the Old West, has returned to Texas. Rates of cattle theft in the state have risen fivefold in less than a decade. The thefts take many forms. Some resemble the Alvarado case, in which cattle are carried off and sold to a third party. Other times, rustlers will shoot and field strip the animals, then sell their meat to an unscrupulous abattoir.

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Marsh launches new 100% Local program for Angus beef

Marsh launches new 100% Local program for Angus beef

Meghan Grebner

Brownfield Newtork

Regional grocery chain Marsh has launched a “100% local” program for Angus beef.  The company says the move is in response to consumer demand for more local foods.

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Prevent the creation of BVD-PI calves

Prevent the creation of BVD-PI calves

Doug Rich

High Plains Journal

ntrary to popular opinion, BVD does not stand for bad veterinarian disease. It stands for bovine viral diarrhea, and it can be very costly for cow-calf producers and feedlot operators.

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Bulls need evaluated prior to turnout

Bulls need evaluated prior to turnout

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

All bulls that will be used in a breeding season need to be tested. Without a breeding soundness exam (BSE), producers are taking a huge risk. Breeding Soundness Exams are low-cost and provide a great return on investment. Bulls that are infertile or have poor fertility will fail to settle cows.

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