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Baxter Black, DVM: The Axis of Ideal Understanding

Baxter Black, DVM: The Axis of Ideal Understanding

I have developed a way to evaluate when a person reaches the pinnacle of their profession, their prime, so to speak. 

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Beef Roundtable: Get ready for breeding season

Beef Roundtable: Get ready for breeding season

Breeding season is approaching and now is the time to begin planning your pre-breeding management. Among the pre-breeding chores are vaccinating and deworming your cattle before turnout. In this month’s Beef Roundtable, Bill Clymer, a commercial cow-calf producer and consulting livestock parasitologist from Canyon, Texas and Dan Grooms, a veterinarian in the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences at Michigan State University, discuss the pre-breeding plan and how a vaccination and deworming program fit in.

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Shrink Weighs Down Profits

Shrink Weighs Down Profits

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Start talking shrink with cattle producers and you’re wandering into touchy territory. It’s a negotiating tool; it’s a frequent complaint on both sides of the deal; and it’s a cost inexperienced sellers can wind up seriously underestimating.

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Make the right choices for pasture weed control

Make the right choices for pasture weed control

Keith Martin


Now is an excellent time to make choices about managing weeds in pastures. Before applying herbicides for chemical control you first need to answer the question: “Why do I have weeds in my pasture?” If a management issue, such as overstocking, spot grazing, low grass vigor or something else, is causing the increase in weed numbers, then weeds are symptoms, not the real root of the problem.

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Crimp, pellet and roll – but do you need to?

Crimp, pellet and roll – but do you need to?

Woody Lane

Progressive Cattleman

When someone asks me about feeding grain, the question usually consists of two parts. The first is: “Should I feed grain to my cattle?” The second follows quickly: “Should I roll it or pellet it or feed it as whole grain?”

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What is “Back-Grazing” and Should You Do It?

What is “Back-Grazing” and Should You Do It?

Jim Gerrish

On Pasture

A common question for graziers is what does ‘back-grazing’ mean. Then their next question becomes for how long is back-grazing acceptable? Back-grazing means letting livestock go back across areas that have been previously grazed, usually to access a fixed water point. What we are trying to avoid is allowing animals to bite off regrowth occurring following the prior grazing event on a plant

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No state beef checkoff in Missouri

No state beef checkoff in Missouri

Wyatt Bechtel


An overwhelming majority of beef producers in Missouri voted down a proposed state beef checkoff. On April 25, the Missouri Department of Agriculture released the final results with 8,480 Missouri cattlemen receiving ballots and 6,568 voting. A total of 4,903 cattle raisers (74.67%) voted against the checkoff, while 1,663 producers (25.33%) voted in favor. Ballots were mailed to cattlemen on April 4 with a return date of April 15 for voting tabulation.

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