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Mark Parker:  Top 10 farmer’s famous last words

Mark Parker:  Top 10 farmer’s famous last words


10. Leave the gate open—the cows won’t bother it.

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Early Spring Ca be a Challenging Nutritional time for Spring Calving

Early Spring Can be a Challenging Nutritional time for Spring Calving

Glenn Selk

Cattle Today

Late winter and early spring is the most challenging time of the year for the nutrition of the spring-calving beef cows. Unless cool season grasses are available, this is a season where maintaining or gaining body condition on spring calving cows is really quite difficult.

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The coming revolution in cattle genetics

The coming revolution in cattle genetics

Troy Marshall

Beef Magazine

Stephen Covey, business and self-help author, has a simple box with four quadrants that describes his time management philosophy. Along one axis you go from unimportant to important tasks and along the other axis, urgency is measured. His point is that while we must take care of the urgent and important quadrant, we must work hard to spend time in the non-urgent but important quadrant.

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Designing a trichomoniasis control plan

Designing a trichomoniasis control plan

Bob Larson

Angus Journal

Trichomoniasis (trich) is a highly contagious disease that can cause cows to abort an early pregnancy when the organism is passed from infected bulls to cows during mating.

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Florida hunters kill monster gator they say was eating cattle

Florida hunters kill monster gator they say was eating cattle

Progressive Cattleman

Weighing in at nearly 800 pounds and measuring close to 15 feet, a monster gator was shot and killed by two Florida hunters, Lee Lightsey and Blake Godwin, during a guided hunt on April 2.

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Potential Mob Graziers Should Consider Precautions

Potential Mob Graziers Should Consider Precautions

Hugh Aljoe

On Pasture

Allan Savory states in his book “Holistic Management” that stock density is the most under-utilized tool in grazing management implying that most graziers have yet to experience the full range of benefits possible from this tool.

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Implants can help increase your payday

Implants can help increase your payday

Dan Thomson


One of our best tools for increasing beef production is steroid implants. They’re also one of the most misunderstood technologies by consumers. Estrogen and progesterone are common hormone implants given to suckling calves. Both are female reproductive hormones cattle and humans produce daily. Hormone implants have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and have been used in beef production since the 1950s.

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Keep baleage air-tight

Keep baleage air-tight

Ryan Crossingham

Agri View

Livestock farmers and beef producers are turning to baleage, also known as haylage or round-bale silage, as an alternative to dry hay during winter feeding.

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The “three Ps” of silage management

The “three Ps” of silage management

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

Pack, pack and pack, says Andy Skidmore, DVM, PhD, a technical services specialist with Lallemand. Skidmore discussed a range of impacts and management factors influencing silage spoilage at a recent Academy of Veterinarians conference, stressing the importance of sufficient packing in the bunker, encouraging proper pH levels in the pile and protecting silage quality through feeding.

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Bo Derek may have been a 10, but your beef cow better at least be a 5

Bo Derek may have been a 10, but your beef cow better at least be a 5

Beef Producer

Movie star Bo Derek may have been a “10,” but your mature cows better be at least a “5.” Heifers need to be at least a “6.” Body condition scoring at calving is a critical measure so take a close look at the cows when you tag the calves,  advises Ken Olson, South Dakota State University Extension beef specialist.

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